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  1. mandalamps

    Mosconi Cup memorabilia...

    Hello AZ'ers! I was asked by a friend (who is not part of the forums at this time) if I could start a thread on here to see if I could generate any interest in the purchasing of either the 9ball or the Cue ball (or both) used at the latest Mosconi Cup. It is signed by all the Euro players, the...
  2. mandalamps

    Record Snow Fall In Dallas

    Ain't that the truth!!!!! That is what they say!!! :):):) HA HA!
  3. mandalamps

    Record Snow Fall In Dallas

    Snow!!! Pics from 2-12-2010: Good times! the important stuff.... IS THE POOL ROOM GOING TO BE OPEN!?!?!?!?!? I need to practice! \_/, <3, :), Amanda
  4. mandalamps

    Its the ladies turn!!!!! Whos the hottest guy in pool?

    A couple more.... Ok, first off, SHAYLA DON'T KILL ME! LOL! :) These two are some cuties! The one on the right is Corey - Shayla's hubby! :)
  5. mandalamps

    Its the ladies turn!!!!! Whos the hottest guy in pool?

    Pic Here you go!!!! He is a super hottie to me!!! :)
  6. mandalamps

    RIP Dan Freeman

    Picture of Dan Jay - this is the only picture that I have that I can find! Obviously, he is the happy man in the middle. Thank you to everyone for your kind words. He really deserves them PLUS A LOT MORE! Peace, Amanda
  7. mandalamps


    Hmmmm....Tennis shorts......... Which one of these shorts matches yours the best Samiel? If the above photo is what we have to look forward to then STAY YOUR BUTT HOME (although I may lose about 5lbs laughing my butt off)!!!! HOWEVER, if the below photo is what can expect to see then COME ON...
  8. mandalamps

    Fast Eddies Olhausen 9-Ball tour March 8-9

    Is this what "Beasts" look like nowadays? Now, as far as this whole "worship the quicksand I stand in" stuff.... I think you must be getting a little old and senile b/c you are forgetting that you CANNOT STAND IN QUICKSAND!!! (You can be stationary until you sink into oblivion but that's...