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  1. Celtic

    Team Taiwan vs The World

    I gotta say I would take the top 5 guys from Taiwan (including Wu who is a Taiwanese export) over the top 5 guys in the rest of the world. Ko Pin Yi Ko Ping Chung Chang Jung Lin Wu Chia Ching Kevin Chang I can build the best team I can think of out of the rest of the world, and as good as they...
  2. Celtic

    US Open Finals Format

    Anyone know what the format is for the finals? It is a single match or double elimination where the B-Side has to beat the A-Side guy twice? What is the race in the finals?
  3. Celtic

    What happened to the automatic extension?

    NM, explained finally...
  4. Celtic

    8-ball best accustats seller.

    Just heard on the stream that 8-ball was the best seller for Accustats. As much has 9-ball and 10-ball has been pushed as the premier game for pro pool for about as long as Accustats has existed the people have proffered 8-ball and invested more of their money to watch it...
  5. Celtic

    Morra's position in North America

    Morra is drilling Petroni right now in the US Open. I was wondering where people would put him in the placing of North America atm? Assuming that Alex is considered a Canadian I am going to figure most people put SVB and Alex as the clear #1 and #2 North American players. Morra got 2nd in the...
  6. Celtic

    Harold Worst vs Lassiter

    Interesting tidbit of information from Danny D on the legend that is Harold Worst. Harold Worst was supposedly looking for action against Lassiter but could not play because it was Sunday. According to Danny D it was a good thing for Harold because in his opinion (and there are few who were...
  7. Celtic

    Seriously CSI? Forfeits bring losers back?

    When people lose in the BCAPL nationals and the guy who beats them ends up sleeping in on their next match can the loser just jump back in and get back in the event? This was a completely brutal decision and it made no sense. SVB is playing a freeroll with no pressure. Ko was preparing to play...
  8. Celtic

    CSI Pro event in the actual casino?

    I finally managed to get the stream and I noticed instantly what looks like slot machines in the background. Did they put the event into an area that the general public in the casino can stumble into it and see pro pool? That is brilliant, the game will get some extra exposure and the stream...
  9. Celtic

    Mosconi Cup, Team USA, the real problem still exists.

    All of the talk about the change to young guns and less "ego" on the team has been well and good. "But" the real problem that team USA has failed to be competitive in the last few years has not ever been the attitudes of the team members. This is the real reason they fail to compete. China...
  10. Celtic

    A plea to CSI regarding SVB vs Ko

    Can you please increase the length of the race? We just saw SVB obliterate Ekonomopolous in a race to 50. Had the race been to 21 SVB still would have won but given the score at the end a race to 21 simply would not have truly let the fans witness the true chasm that exists between SVB and...
  11. Celtic

    The USA and a complete lack of killer instinct.

    In todays match between John Morra and SVB one thing stuck out to me in the so called "comeback" by Morra. SVB had him down 6-1 in a race to 11 and John was missing and under obvious pressure and instead of keeping the pressure on and drilling John 11-1 SVB let up and allowed Morra to get his...
  12. Celtic

    Who is replacing Bartrum in the DCC Bigfoot?

    He dropped out due to the flu, who is his replacement? Jay? Anyone?
  13. Celtic

    The day the fortunes of pool reversed?

    We all know the game is in a bad spot today. We have no pro tour, we have few events, payouts on the events we have pale in comparison to the payouts of the game ten, twenty, and even 30 years ago not even taking into account inflation. I have always wondered just where the game might be today...
  14. Celtic

    Blackball/English 8-ball table in North America?

    Hello, I have been trying to search this on Google for a long time now and have come up dry. I have a few questions, the most important being... Does anyone know if there is anyone in North America that sells English 8-ball tables? I know they are small but what is the regulation size that...
  15. Celtic

    Odd before 8-ball (new rule variation proposal)

    In the talk of the upcoming TAR 8-ball we are again in a close poll on "take what you make" vs "open after the break". There are arguments for both sides on that debate and the negatives that exist on either option are real and exist. It is a crappy decision due to this, either way you vote the...
  16. Celtic

    TAR, can we get some PPV event rankings?

    I am not asking for the actual numbers of buys as that is your business and noone needs to know the finacials. But can we get maybe the simple ranking of the top 10 events as far as total numbers of buys go so we can get an idea on the popularity of various games/players. Something like 10)...
  17. Celtic

    Sigel, 100 and out in 2011.

    Vs Ortmann, the then defending champ. For all those who think he cannot shoot anymore...
  18. Celtic

    Kuo > Mochinaga

    Deleting the evidence!
  19. Celtic

    AZB rep system needs to get fixed to protect people.

    The AZB rep system is such that basically every single person out there has full green bars. It is largely meaningless but it also gives a false impression of a person actually being a reputable person when they have full green bars. People like Trent on the recent couple threads where he...
  20. Celtic

    Pros vs 8-ball on TAR

    There is alot of interesting debate about the upcomming TAR 8-ball match between Corey and John on Friday, July 13th. Here on the main forum we had a big debate on this in this thread, many people saying "open off the break" is simply too easy and the pros will be running out tons of racks...