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  1. TannerPruess

    Sold *********Schick 1987**********$1000

  2. TannerPruess

    Mike Bender ebony $1400 Shipped

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    WTB - Briesath, Scott Lee/Randy G, Mark Wilson (DVDs & Book)

    Let me know what you might have, thanks!
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    Winning One Pocket - Eddie Robin

    Any one have a rare copy lying around they might sell to a green one pocket player?
  5. TannerPruess

    Shanghai Pool Scene

    I will be in Shanghai for around four weeks (Nov. 20 - Dec 23) to teach a course at the University of Shanghai. What is the pool/billiard scene like over there? Any AZB members currently live in Shanghai? I would love to meet some of you and get some help figuring out the city! Thanks!
  6. TannerPruess

    My Pool Art

    I joined the art world in late 2011 and have been creating some interesting styles ever since. Lately, I have been trying to use my style with pool balls and here is the result! Let me know if you have a need for these in your pool room or den! My facebook is
  7. TannerPruess

    216 Pt Keith Hanssen: Over $9k

    Check out Keith's newest cue fresh out of his shop. 216 total points and valued at over $9,000. Some pretty sweet green: titled 'Cash Money'.
  8. TannerPruess

    Amazing Controlled Jump Shots

    Now this is how you jump a ball! This is a great local player from South Dakota using a Keith Kustom EZ Jumper (Keith Hanssen Master Cuemaker). If have never seen someone so effortlessly and accurately jump before.
  9. TannerPruess

    180 Point Keith Kue (Keith Hanssen)

    :eek: Just got some pictures of Keith's recent progress and had to share! The master cuemaker has been hard at work.
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    Keith Hanssen Jump Kues (2)

    I have available for sale - two jump cues by Keith Hanssen of Keith Kues I have one that is 6.5oz and one that is 6.0oz. These jump cues are very easy to use due to their light weight. You can accurately jump over balls from a short distance as well as longer jump shots. $210 shipped for each...
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    WTB: Ivory Billiard Balls

    I recently received an ivory billiard ball as a graduation gift and would love to add on to the collection. Let me know if you have any good items for sale for a beginner! :thumbup:
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    DVD Blowout (TAR, Pro One, Derby, etc)

    Updated: Deuel vs SVB - $45 US One Pocket Chohan vs Owen - $12 US One Pocket Chohan vs Bartam - $12 Rematch: Harriman vs Schmidt One Pocket 4 - $25 1: Schmidt vs Harriman 14.1 - $25 Womens all around Rousey vs Webb - $15 Mind Body Pool Audio - $8 Venom Trickshots - $10 Mastering Pool 1,2,3 Full...
  13. TannerPruess

    FS: 2 Schuler Shafts - Giveaway Price

    I have two Schuler Shafts that have 'AB' near the joint. I am pretty sure that means they have the Abruzzo taper. Both shafts have no nicks and are perfect for playing. I don't know exact diameter or weight, but they feel pretty standard. Both roll true. Package Price $ 100 or best offer. I no...
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    Does anyone have an extra X-Breaker bumper? Will pay for an extra just let me know!
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    Best Pool Picture

    What is your favorite pool related picture that you have taken?
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    Framed Pool Art - 'Breaking Physics'

    I am now selling my first piece of framed pool art named 'Breaking Physics.' The picture is of a player breaking 9ball on a Diamond table. The first 10 will be signed, numbered, and featuring a name plate. More information can be found at 16x20 Frame and mat $119 + S&H
  17. TannerPruess

    Online Pool Game:CueSportz

    The BEST online pool game is back again. It was once used at but now is going to offer the online pool game with many tournaments and promotions. You can join at Feel free to use my referral code when you join. Referral Code: R00002A8 I am...
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    Delta-13 Review

    Billiard Review has reviewed the Delta-13 rack. View the review at Anyone else try out the Delta-13 rack? Billiard Review
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    Super Billiards Expo - Updates

    I will be providing live updates on match results for the many tournaments at Super Billiards Expo. Please let me know if you want me to provide specific updates on a local or favorite player. I will also be taking many pictures of players and booths; let me know if you want a specific picture...
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    Billiard Review: 1995 Hand of the Masters (Blast to the Past)

    Billiard Review did a small feature on the 1995 Hand of the Masters calendar. Included is all the text and pictures from the calendar. This is a must see if you have not had a chance to see the calendar. The write up on each of the 14 cue makers is a good read...