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  1. jhendri2

    Trade for Bang Sticks

    I'm currently rich on boom sticks at the moment and looking to trade for cues. Let me know what you're looking for. I have ARs, bolts, and hand guns. Looking mainly for Scruggs, Schon, Joss West etc. I love customs. Will only ship to FFL Dealer and everything will be 100% legal.
  2. jhendri2

    The $179 Pool Table Light

  3. jhendri2

    WTB Meucci JR-5 or M-14

    WTB Meucci JR-5 or M-14 only. Please PM. I have cash on hand.
  4. jhendri2

    ~*~*~*~ Beautiful Leon Sly Honduras Rosewood Burl Hoppe ~*~*~*~

    Here we have a gorgeous Leon Sly cue. This beautiful cue has Honduran Rosewood Burl set into a very nice piece of Birdseye Maple. His use of the very long points highlight the beauty of the woods he chose. A very nice feeling cognac/brown lizard wrap adorns this cue, highlighting the woods...
  5. jhendri2

    FS: Tascarella, Sly, And Joss

    Deleted Deleted and Sold
  6. jhendri2

    FS/FT Blackcreek Merry Widow

    Gorgeous Blackcreek cue for sale or trade. Brazilian Rosewood with pigskin leather wrap. Has less than an hour of play on one shaft and the other is brand new. Stainless 5/16x14 half joint with compression fit. Specs: Butt 15.3oz Shaft one: 3.55oz at 12.79mm Shaft two: 3.55oz at 12.90mm...
  7. jhendri2

    WTS/WTT 2012 Murray Tucker

    SOLD 2012 Murray Tucker for sale or trade. Beautiful cue and extremely rare. You don't see these 4 point 4 verneer Tuckers come up often. This one has about an hour of play on shaft 1 and shaft 2 is unplayed. Specs are: Butt - 14.65 Shaft 1 - 12.97mm 3.65oz Shaft 2 - 12.73mm 3.65oz Asking...
  8. jhendri2

    Fancy Blackcreek FS/FT

    Blackcreek Full Splice $3,800 Just seeing if there's any trade interest in this Blackcreek. Light play on shaft #1, shaft #2 unplayed. Both have Moori medium tips. All white is iv except the ferrules which are Mason's Micarta. Elephant wrap. 5/16x14 piloted/sleeved iv joint. Ebony on Ebony...
  9. jhendri2

    Another Blackcreek for me!

    Just got another monster cue in from Travis Niklich. This guy is truly amazing! I've got two big cues from him and he's making my third. I firmly believe he'll be spoken of in the great cue makers of today.
  10. jhendri2

    WTS/WTT Tony Sauer Cue

    Looking to trade one of my Sauer cues. Woods are madrone burl points into curly maple, 3/8x10 joint pin, black stacked leather wrap, 2 shafts (ivory ferrules). Cue is in great condition. Would like a Schon or Joss Butt - 15.15oz Shaft 1 - 4.0oz 13.33mm Shaft 2 - 3.75oz 13.01mm
  11. jhendri2

    My New Blackcreek

    Just showing off my new Blackcreek. Travis is an amazing cuemaker. He will be considered among the best cuemakers someday. All the white is ivory and an Elephant wrap. I call it 007...Tuxedo colors with gun it's just bad ass lol Specs: Butt - 15.15oz Shaft 1 - 12.75 @ 3.75oz Shaft...
  12. jhendri2

    My new Blackcreek

    Just showing off my new Blackcreek. Travis is an amazing cuemaker. He will be considered among the best cuemakers someday. All the white is ivory and an Elephant wrap. I call it 007...Tuxedo colors with gun sights :) Specs: Butt - 15.15oz Shaft 1 - 12.75 @ 3.75oz Shaft 2 - 12.89 @ 3.89oz...
  13. jhendri2

    WTT My firearms for your cues

    I have Walther's, Remington, Winchester's, AR15's, Ruger's, Sako's, Weatherby's, and Browning's. Just let me know what you have and what you're looking for. I got some really nice rifles. Looking for any custom cue that catches my eye and the only production cue I like is Schon. Must be 21 and...
  14. jhendri2

    I'm still here

    I'm sure most of you don't remember me, but I was a very active member a few years back. I got very ill and the doctor's didn't expect me to live very long. Well after multiple operations and lots of medicine, I'm still kicking. I'm not able to go to pool halls yet, but I'm wanting badly to...
  15. jhendri2

    Pool Autographs

    Ok, so Drawman623 bought all of my cues and cases, now I have a lot of pool player autographs I've purchased over the years. Some rare, some not. They're on balls, pictures, cut from programs, note cards etc. I would like to get $500 shipped or best offer for the entire lot. Willie Mosconi...
  16. jhendri2

    Need to Sell Everything

    All, Some of you know me...some don't...regardless, I regret to say that I've been sick for a long time and am dying from heart failure. This is an honest statement and ad. I want to liquidate all my pool stuf so wife doesn't have to worry. I have 2 Runde Schons, R12 and R13, in a Jack Justis...
  17. jhendri2

    Schon's for sale

    Please check out my eBay auctions: Schon SP-35 Schon SP-62 Schon R-3 Unique Ivory Jointed Schon Thanks! Jim
  18. jhendri2

    The Most Incredible Schon Ever Built!

    This is the second unmodified ivory jointed Schon I've acquired. It is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I've never seen a more beautiful Schon. I would guess this one to be from the mid 90's. I know 4 others in different wood/veneer combinations exist (and I know where one is if he'll...
  19. jhendri2

    Reverse Auction #3!!!! McD C-9

    I hope you guys like these, if not let me know and I'll stop. Next up is a McDermott C-9. Cue is in good shape, needs a new wrap and has a couple very small chips in the finish on the butt cap and 1 on the joint. No other issues whatsoever. BEAUTIFUL for it's age. If you like old classic...
  20. jhendri2

    Reverse Auction #2!!!!!! Mike Bender

    Here's another reverse auction. I will lower the price $50 (as long as I'm awake) every hour. Starting price is $700. First to post "I'll take it" gets the cue. Cue: Mike Bender cue with jump/break joint. Butt weighs 16 oz shaft 1 is 12.97mm and 4.0oz shaft 2 is 12.84mm and 3.5 oz Jim