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  1. bud green

    Bergman ran a 19-pack, I think it's the highest package on video.

    Souqet said he ran 27 racks of eight ball while preparing for the IPT tour. Link to old AZ thread:
  2. bud green

    Peter Fleming, RIP Cya on the other side petey.. Thanks for all of it.. Never Forgotten.

    Sad to hear this. Pete moved to Northern Cal for a few years and I spent a lot of time with him. RIP
  3. bud green

    5 Pin Euro Championships - Kozoom (English)

    For those among us who really like the more esoteric games of billiards: Never played it, only first heard of it through Byrne. I can't see playing only this game, but it would be a fun diversion. Wonder what systems they use...they kick at a whole other level. Posted here because this is a...
  4. bud green

    Go fund me for Dr. Dave.

    Legacy speakers are supposed to be amazing now. I had a pair of one of their earlier models and they were excellent, but not the top of the line. The ones I had were just like these...
  5. bud green

    Cochrans in San Franciso, some of their Best Players!

    I wonder if it would be possible to get a poster print of the picture they used in the version that said "A Billiard Hustler's Life". Great book, and love the cover on that particular version of it.
  6. bud green

    SJM at the 2022 World Games

    Jaspers wins gold and runs 40 points in 13 innings in the final. He's 56 years old. He has got to be in some serious all time great company to play this well, for this long, and still be at the very top of a billiard game at 56. From Kozoom: The supremacy of Jaspers, who before this final...
  7. bud green

    Awesome Blomdahl Video

    The highest official run is 28 in a tournament. Done by a few players.
  8. bud green

    9' Diamond Pro-Am

    I'll mention the table to Lee at Buffalo Billiards in Norcal the next time I see him. They go to SoCal every now and then for jobs, he also has a few 7' Diamonds...maybe you guys can work something out.
  9. bud green

    JS Pro Golfer?

    Here’s the total payout for those who made the cut at Southern Hills: 1. $2,700,000 2. $1,620,000 3. $1,020,000 4. $720,000 5. $600,000 6. $516,250 7. $475,000 8. $436,600 9. $400,000 10. $371,250 I just copied and pasted the top 10 rather than the whole list for this weeks PGA tour...
  10. bud green

    JS Pro Golfer?

    JS is the best, or at least was. I've heard a pro player say that Earl could have been a pro golfer and just laughed. JS used to post here, a long time ago. I think that is where he mentioned he has shot rounds of 63 which is amazing golf. He then went on to say he played with Boo Weekley, and...
  11. bud green

    Las Vegas World Cup at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino from March 27 to April 2, 2022

    Jaspers went beast mode for the first ten innings agains Zanetti. So hard to beat a player when he is playing that strong.
  12. bud green

    New carom tables?

    There is a JImar for sale in this section with a bunch of other items included that seems like a good deal if that table is a good one. Just a couple posts down. If anyone is interested in one of the Gabriels used in the recent tournament in AZ, I know someone who has one and will sell. He...
  13. bud green

    Eagle Eye Takes Aim at 14.1 High Runs

    Phenomenal display of raw talent from a truly amazing player. Pool, golf, darts, chess, you name it...some people just have the gift.
  14. bud green

    Collection Updated 2022

    Very nice!
  15. bud green

    Chuck Markulis Stream???

    Click on watch on youtube
  16. bud green

    Y'all Are in Trouble Now

    Heal up and give 'em hell.
  17. bud green

    The Legendary Pearl to Take On 14.1 Attempts

    Earl should get to the mid 200's at least I'd guess. The only time I saw Willie was at a place that sold pool tables...and tractors, hot tubs, and all kind of other crap. Early 70's. He did not look happy was pretty much all I remember, I was only 5 probably. Lou: My family lived on Cordova...
  18. bud green

    The Legendary Pearl to Take On 14.1 Attempts

    Funny Mosconi story Lou. Sounds like your family and mine might have been neighbors. My Dad grew up on Cordova St, off Geneva right near the Cow Palace.
  19. bud green

    3-Cushion billiards World Championship free livestreams

    The same person who uploaded these has other videos, includings the finals at least for now.
  20. bud green

    A run of 21 at 3-cushion on YouTube

    Still kills me a little bit every time I watch one of the 20+ and out videos and the guys can't keep shooting. Snooker lets the players run all the balls after the frame has been won, Archer ran a 150 and out at 14.1 in a match and everyone wanted him to keep shooting, let's see what these guys...