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  1. djkx1

    Sold BK Rush Red with sport wrap

    Sold...... Thanks.
  2. djkx1

    Wtb Jacoby extension jump cue

    Looking for a Jacoby jump cue that has the extension handle. Every place online seems to be sold out and Jacoby appears to only make ones with a typical one pc handle now. Thanks
  3. djkx1

    Pierce/BHQ/Olney/Meucci for sale or trade

    OLNEY IS SOLD I have a few cues that i would be interested in selling or trading. Cash is king but... I am interested in a Predator break cue or something similar along with a decent jump cue. Might take a decent J/B cue instead. Also looking for a 2x5/3x4 JB Rugged Case The cues I have...
  4. djkx1


    bhq bocote and cocobola plain janes with 29" and 30" 314-2 (5/16-18) pierce 6 pt cocobola with BEM handle 2 shafts 3/8-10 olney plain jane with southwest style rings pau ferro and tiger maple 3/8-10 SOLD meucci jimmy rempe JR-2 5/16-18 with original shaft and predator Z-2
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    What can You do for pool?

    I was talking to a friend who lives in North Dakota and we were discussing the fun things we would do if he wins the $1.4B lotto (or whatever it is now). The topic of pool came up and we talked about some fun ideas of what could be done with that kind of money. Since the likelihood of any of us...
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    Super glue finish issues

    I finished a cue a couple of years ago and it looked fine for at least the first year or so but the last year these spots have appeared and have gotten more and more noticeable. I am not a cue builder by any stretch and I wont be doing any more with super glue but I still am curious to know...
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    Cue ball used at DCC?

    I searched here and on their website but couldnt find it. I see they have Aramith as a sponsor. I did notice in some photos I saw guys were using the measles ball but most photos I saw they were not, but I couldnt tell which cue ball it was. Thanks
  8. djkx1

    My Jim Pierce experience

    So I began communicating with Jim Pierce in late November of 2011 in regards to building a cue for me. I told him what it was I was looking for and he added some suggestions of his own. We quickly came to an agreement and I offered to send a 50% down payment, with the rest due upon completion...
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    Back in bid ness

    Finally. Whew. The withdrawals almost did me in :)
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    Comedians playing pool

    I thought it was funny. Maybe its the minus 35 weather. Fine consider it gone, so sorry I may have offended anyone.
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    The blue ferrule bandit strikes!!

    Unless I'm mistaken, it appears Michael Wong put Scott Frost on the B-side with a 11-9 win. It seems that having a chalking deficiency has not hampered his playing abilities at all. Congrats to one of our own AZ'ers for an impresive win. :thumbup:
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    Happy Canada Day!!

    Play pool:D
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    CA$H cue Sale or Trade

    ..... sold
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    Shipping to Canada from U.S.

    Please use USPS. Unless you or the person receiving the cue or whatever have other preferences, I would strongly suggest it. I bougth a predator shaft from a fellow AZ'er and forgot to mention that I prefer he ship this way. Well today I got the shaft, in more ways than one. He shipped UPS...
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    Ranking Question

    There is currently a thread titled "Sandbagging thief" or something similar in the Canadian Pool section of the forums, which prompted me to start this thread. I am considering playing in a tournament which has 4 divisions, they are listed as B,A,AA, and Masters. The BCA league in which I play...
  16. djkx1

    F/S OB-1 3/8-10 shaft

    Brand new OB-1 never chalked or hit(still in the box directly from OB-1). 3/8-10 with black collar. $175 shipped OBO. PM me with any questions or offers. Trades??
  17. djkx1

    Leagues in Vegas?

    I have a couple of friends that are moving to Vegas. They enjoy playing pool and have played at the Cue Club and a couple of places last time they were there. Neither of them are very familiar with the area so I said I would ask you guys where are some good places to play. One of them in...
  18. djkx1

    OB-1 carbon fiber pad?

    Last night the tip came off my OB-1. It also took the carbon fiber pad with it. Try as I might, I couldn't find it on the floor anywhere. When I looked at the shaft I noticed the foam or whatever they put in the shaft is kind of concave. I don't know if they are supposed to be this way or if...
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    WTB cue for $400 or less

    A friend of a friend in Lubbock,TX. is interested in buying a cue for $300-400. The cue is for a lady and she would like something that plays well, obviously, but also a cue that looks nice. Preferably a custom cue, although I know there isn't a whole lot other than sneakies in that range. She...
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    Canadian Viewers

    2006 US Open on right now (3:30 CST) on Sportsnet west. Tyler Edey and John Schmidt.