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    Searching for Hickory Burl

    Just ordered an new Cue ,and like to have handle and Points in Hickory burl. Seems Not to be easy to find some,so i hope for help from here.some ideas where i can buy some? Greets from germany,maik
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    Kiss Shot from Wiesbaden passed away

    Mike Sharell from Wiesbaden passed away on friday.only at the Age of 47... My deepest condolence to his family ... Also another friend of mine died on thursday on an heartattack,also an poolplayer, played him for more than 15 years.Joeg was only 45 years old... Sad Time here in germany.....:frown:
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    WTB breakrak

    Looking for an breakrak. Have to shipped to germany,hope,this will be nö problem,guys. So i m looking forward for some Input. Best from germany,maik
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    looking for Lomax jump shipped to germany

    as the title says,looking for an lomax jump cue ,price incl. shipping to germany.please send pics to Tanks for looking Regards Maik