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    Cue ID please thanks

    The Joint is very similar to the Viking super joint. This is not a Viking any help would be appreciated thank you.
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    Something old Now Something new

    Something new
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    Just picked up the green one last night
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    Keno board

    Looking for a keno board for 9 foot table let me know what you got thanks
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    What’s the name of the game that’s played with a board multiple holes with numbers it’s played on one end of the pool table?
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    Team Europe

    Graduations Team Europe also MVP Jayson Shaw !!!!!
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    League play?

    Do you think leagues should be shut down for the COVID 19 Pandemic? My outlook is way too many people around one table. With a mask or without The second wave of it is no joke
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    Pool ball Join protectors?

    Who is the guy that was making joint protectors out of pool balls? And please don’t tell me any cue maker will do it.Looking for the guy who was selling these at the Billiards expo a couple years ago thank you
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    Big check

    Pick this up last night Jayson’s big check from the derby city classic big foot 10 ball challenge going on my wall somewhere
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    For trade only

    For trade only Almost anything Billiards related. This is not a blue.
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    Rip Paul Hubler

    May he rest in peace what a great cue marker An innovator in our sport rest in peace
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    Happy birthday Earl

    Happy birthday Earl Strickland😎
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    Tight rack

    Still the tightest rack after all these years!
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    A little help

    Having a hard time posting multiple pictures on a post little help please thanks.
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    Sitting at home

    Sitting at home Bored out of my mind so I took a few pictures. Just received this Cue In the mail today. Sorry I'll put pictures up later.
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    New to me pick up today From wife

    Display case that holds 20 cues. It didn’t take long to fill that. The guy also throw in an old 60s table cover and pouch. In a cube of gold crown chalk to go with my gold crown one.I’m a lucky man
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    My wife says I have issues?

    My wife says I have issues?I don’t think so, what do you think? There is quite a few more.
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    My inner Earl

    I’m going to try noise canceling headphones tonight. Just curious would you ever try This?And yes I know I look goofy. I just need to cut down on the background noise music and people talking.
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    Super Billiards expo 2020?

    Is it true that there will not be a pro event at the Billiards expo this coming year? And if so why? I’ve only missed one expo over the years myself in my wife enjoy the pro event. It would be a shame not to have it.
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    Gordy Hart

    Sad news mr Hart pasted away. Rest in peace