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    Sold Cuetec Cynergy SVB Black

    This one is a little unconventional so I hope I'm not breaking any rules. I recently picked up this cue here on AZB for a steal at $400 and plan to offer it to someone else for the same price plus shipping. It's like new. I'd like to secure a cynergy 12.5 3/8-11 before getting rid of this...
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    Cuetec Cynergy 12.5 3/8-11

    Please PM with details. Thanks!
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    Dakota Cue club.....

    I understand this pool hall is closed but I'm looking for some help from those in the area that were familiar with it. Does anyone know who may have done cue work our of this establishment? I was there 10+ years ago and had a cue re-wrapped. Whoever did it did an awesome job but I forgot the...
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    WTB Revo white vault 12.4 3/8x11

    As the title says. PM with details.
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    "Upgrading" from a Diamond to a Valley...

    Clearly it's not an upgrade but I'm considering getting rid of my Diamond and replacing it with a valley.. Am I crazy? Here’s a bit of background. I’ve taken a bit over a year off and have started back up in league this year. I’ll admit I don’t shoot anywhere near enough to have too high of...
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    REVO 12.9 UniLoc

    I have a Revo 12.9 Uniloc joint that has been test hit only. The shaft is unregistered and comes with all original items (sheath, wipes, warranty, ect.) Sold.
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    REVO 12.9 UniLoc $450 shipped!

    REVO 12.9 UniLoc $425 shipped! I have a Revo 12.9 Uniloc joint that has been test hit only. The shaft is unregistered and comes with all original items (sheath, wipes, warranty, ect.)
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    Uniloc Revo

    Please remove thread.
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    WTB Predator 314 2 blank or 3x8x11 joint.

    Let me know what you have!
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    Unknown 3/8 × 11 shaft $50

    12.8mm just below ferrule, 4oz, mint condition. I was told this is most likely a Kaiser Shaft but know nothing about them and cannot confirm or deny. $SOLD $
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    Unknown 3/8 × 11 shaft $50

    I'm told this is most likely a Kaiser Shaft but Im not certain. 12.8mm just below ferrule, 4oz. Mint condition.
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    McDermott Stinger J/B W/2x4 case

    McDermott Stinger in great shape and rolls dead straight. Cue weight: 19oz Shaft :13 mm Original tip. Elite 2x4 case in great shape. The top handle pulled out at one time but has been repaired and is rock solid! Case is sold. McDermott stinger $150!
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    Wtb bk2

    Let's see what you have!
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    WTT MACE JB for break cue..

    I'm interested in trading this Mace JB for a non JB break cue, preferably a Predator BK2 but I'm open to offers. This cue is in good condition but does have a very slight wobble when rolled on the rail (tip does not leave the table). No chips or major dings. Comes with a samsara break tip...
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    Rick howard cue

    For sale is a beautiful (used) Rick Howard snakewood cue with 3 shafts. To be conservative I will say this cue is in 98% condition. Rolls straight and nothing to mention other than this is one awesome cue! I have gone back to a different Howard that I have played for years and this now sits in...
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    FS-- Rick Howard Custom Predator Shaft

    For sale is a used Predator shaft from Rick Howard in great condition. Cocobola ring work with ivory collar. Shaft has a slight taper roll. Tip does not leave table and plays great. Has a Kamui SS Tip. 12.7mm. Sold.
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    I'm stuck, please help!

    I'm a decent player but I'm trying real hard to get to the next gear. I've taken a couple of years off of shooting and am getting back into things. I recently purchased a table (7ft) and have been shooting quite a bit for the past couple months or so. I seem to have picked up where I left off...
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    WTB Diamond Pro Am 7t

    Located in southern MN. I have cash ready to go within 100 miles for the right buy. Sorry I know this may be the wrong forum but nobody watches the wanted forum. Please PM me with what you have.
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    Diamond Pro Am 7ft

    Hi all, I'm looking for a Diamond Pro Am 7ft table (pro cut pockets ) in great condition. I'm located in SE MN delivery would be great but willing to drive 100 miles max to pick up for the right deal. Show me what you have!
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    Please help me post pics....Table identification

    I have taken pictures of a table I would like to try and have identified but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to transfer them to a post. Could I please e-mail these pics to someone who could possibly post them for me or help me identify the table? The table came out of a pool hall...