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  1. jdelcue

    ISO 5/16x14 play shaft [12.7-13mm] [0.8455"] [silver ring]

    Perhaps a long shot but I'm looking for a deal on a new maple playing shaft for an old cue (with a bit of an oddball joint diameter). I'm a stickler for a flush fit... * 12.7-13mm tip diameter * 0.8455" joint diameter * 3.8 - 4.0 oz weight * single offset silver ring * taper on the stiffer side...
  2. jdelcue

    Jim Pierce Cocobolo Merry Widow

    Good condition 59" cocobolo merry widow with black leather wrap and teal/maple/red rings, 19.1oz, 19" balance point, small dent in butt sleeve, light shaft bluing from recent play Butt 29.5" length, 15.5oz weight (1.0oz weight bolt), cocobolo forearm & butt sleeve, brass radial pin, butt sleeve...
  3. jdelcue

    WTB: 3/8x10 break shaft

    3/8x10 pin, strong taper, the heavier the better, 13mm+ tip, plain black collar, Samsara JB tip a welcome bonus. Joint diameter should be ~0.838. Looking to spend <$100 shipped. PM me, thanks.
  4. jdelcue

    30" 13mm 4.1oz Andy Gilbert shaft

    I acquired this shaft new off a fellow member a little less than a month ago (30” Gilbert shaft | AzBilliards Forums). Shoots great, it's served me well (~20 hours playing time). I needed something simple while shopping for my next stick and I'm ready to move it on to someone else who can use it...
  5. jdelcue

    Let's see those Jim Pierce customs!

    Hi everyone, I've got a Pierce coming soon, it's got me a little excited and needing a fix..... SHOW US YOUR PIERCES!!!! ;P
  6. jdelcue

    WTB: McDermott Stinger NG01 (or shaft only)

    I like my breakers very light weight. Shaft must be ~.840 at joint, Samsara JB tip a bonus. The cheaper the better, so long as it's straight and works. PM me.
  7. jdelcue

    ISO Curly Maple BCM

    Looking for my old Bryan Mordt BCM cue, contact me if you have it and are thinking about moving it on. Joaquin's Curly Maple BCM Cue — BCM CUES Thanks.
  8. jdelcue

    FS: Bryan Mordt (BCM) 4.3oz shaft for McDermott

    Selling a spare 13mm shaft I had made by Bryan Mordt for my McDermott in 2015. Used sparingly for a few months then put away. 29" length 1" Juma ferrule Ultraskin M tip 0.834" joint diameter Tiny raise in the wood just behind the ferrule $160 [reduced] shipped CONUS
  9. jdelcue

    FS: Joss JOS101

    Only a few months old, maybe 10 hours on the shaft, love the look and feel but just can't get used to the 13mm shaft. One small 'table edge' dent about halfway up the shaft. 18.6oz w/ 4oz shaft $220 OBO shipped CONUS Thanks, Joaquin
  10. jdelcue

    FS: 4x8 Soft Cue Case (Brown)

    Asking $50 shipped CONUS (or trade for a hard 2x4 case). Never even seen a pool hall, used at home for extra cue storage only. Apologies for the out of focus pics, best I could manage in the three minutes of time I had today. Thanks, Joaquin
  11. jdelcue

    F/S: 19.2oz BCM, Curly Maple pj + white w/ black speck wrap + custom rings

    Hi All, I finally got around to putting my custom BCM up on the bay -- itm/321782265307 -- have a bid if you're interested and let me know if you have any questions. :) cue will be sold by 11am on Sunday 6/21. Thanks, jdelcue
  12. jdelcue

    F/S: Bryan Mordt "BCM" Curly Maple + Matching JPs

    Hi All, I've not been playing nearly as much as I'd have liked to in the last year, but whenever I have, this cue has served me well.. $480 shipped CONUS BCM Curly Maple Plain Jane ---------------------------------------- * 19.2oz * 12.9mm 4oz. shaft * six-slot Micarta custom railroad rings...
  13. jdelcue

    FS: "The Hustler" 40x30 Poster Photographic Print

    I ordered two of these (in two different sizes, to use the one that fit best on my wall) and I'm looking to offload the larger one. It's brand new, still rolled up in the packaging and tube it came in. ... Asking SOLD. Pics showing the photo quality: ... ... Thanks, Joaquin
  14. jdelcue

    My new BCM // by Bryan Mordt

    Design: - Curly maple forearm & butt sleeve - White phenolic joint w/ 6-slot white micarta railroad rings on thin black phenolic collars - White phenolic low-profile butt cap w/ 6-slot white micarta railroad ring on thin black phenolic collar - White w/ double black speck linen wrap (no rings...
  15. jdelcue

    LF: Blue Book of Pool Cues

    What's the going rate on a well used 3rd ed. these days? I lost mine and wouldn't mind maybe picking up a replacement copy.. Let me know if you've got one you want to offload. Thanks.
  16. jdelcue

    WTB: BCM Shaft

    Need a (new or used) Bryan Mordt shaft. Would prefer w/ plain black collar, but open to others at the right price... .850 @ joint 3/8x10 ~4oz 12.85-13mm Reach me via PM. Thanks, Joaquin
  17. jdelcue

    RE: Schon JB vs. standard Schon player

    RE: Schon JB vs. standard Schon player Hi AZers, Anyone own both a Schon JB and a standard Schon playing cue? If so, would you be so kind as to weigh in with the difference in specs (i.e. different shaft taper? different ferrule/tip out of the shop? same balance? does the presence of a jump...
  18. jdelcue

    WTB: BCM, Josey, Gilbert or Coker

    I've got a cue on order with Bryan Mordt, but I need something economical in the meantime... Looking for either a sneaky or a plain cue, off any of the cuemakers in the subject header (in the case of Gilbert, a jump/break). My budget is ~ $250 - $300. Approx. playing specs: - 18.75 to 19.2...
  19. jdelcue

    LTB: Used Schon w/ heavy 13mm shaft

    I think I'm ready for a new shooter in the next month, and I'd like to try a Schön this time around. I like the look of the STL 6, 7, 13, 15 for instance, but I'm open to other models in that neighborhood re: design. To be honest, I'm looking for something that doesn't pronounce it's round...
  20. jdelcue

    RE: Good deal with bigdaddy7115

    RE: Good deal with bigdaddy7115 Just wanted to make mention of a recent transaction with bigdaddy7115, I bought a nice cue from his last week. Everything went really smoothly, good communication throughout, etc. In the end, I returned the cue with mutual understanding, and he was nothing but a...