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  1. bud green

    5 Pin Euro Championships - Kozoom (English)

    For those among us who really like the more esoteric games of billiards: Never played it, only first heard of it through Byrne. I can't see playing only this game, but it would be a fun diversion. Wonder what systems they use...they kick at a whole other level. Posted here because this is a...
  2. bud green

    Awesome Blomdahl Video

    Just saw this on Youtube: TB is one of my favorite players of all time. His commentary is also excellent on the Kozoom matches being posted this year,
  3. bud green

    Heat on Carom Tables

    Anyone have a solid idea about how cycling heat on and off on a heated billiard table affects the table long term? A pool hall I play at has a heated table, but it is connected to the same switch that controls the lights. Meaning it gets turned on in the morning (usually 10 am), and turned off...
  4. bud green

    Kozoom Challenge - New Matches 9/21

    Looks like Kozoom has started uploading more of the Kozoom Challenge matches on Youtube. Interesting to see two out of three players using what looks like carbon fiber shafts in the match I linked below. Blomdahl on commentary is ALWAYS worth listening to.
  5. bud green

    Kozoom 3-C Challenge Cup

    Really surprised that no one has mentioned the fantastic Kozoom production of this event. Great video quality, Blomdahl on commentary, top players like Jaspers playing, what else do you want? Here's the latest video with Group A that includes Jaspers:
  6. bud green

    Pre-Cat Broken Ferrule Repair

    So I have a nice pre-cat 314 shaft that I want to save if possible. I broke with it and the ferrule shattered. Any input on options of where to get it fixed would be appreciated. Obviously the hollow end of the shaft limits local repair, but I am interested in seeing what options I have. Wine...
  7. bud green

    Running Racks in Carrom

    I'm pretty sure 99% of the people saw the title and went "WTF?" but has anyone ever played this game? It seems like something pool players could get into, but I've never seen it played. Anyone ever seen one of these tables in a pool hall? I have a...
  8. bud green

    SightRight Coaching Method

    I was just looking at the story about the snooker world championship final and it mentioned that Mark Williams was playing pretty bad and then tried the SightRight coaching method for snooker. Can't argue with his results since then. Anyone here familiar with it at all? To be honest, I don't...
  9. bud green

    Caudron beats up Jaspers

    Caudron was clearly the better player this week. Funny how no one seems to be following of the bigger matches for carom players. I had thought the over/under on the high run was 16, but Caudron ran a 16 and Jaspers ran another 21. And still lost by around a 100 points. Congrats to...
  10. bud green

    42 in 3...Blomdahl Magic

    Edit: link has been removed. Still, glad I got to see it at least once. Don't bother clicking on the link below. Just saw this on youtube and thought you guys would like to see his 20 run.
  11. bud green

    Make Other Wood Products?

    After getting some books on lathes from the library, and learning that 90 percent of the books material is based on "woodturning" (wood bowls, chairs, other stuff), I was wondering if any cuemakers use their equipment to make other items. I believe one cuemaker on AZ used to make guitars, but I...
  12. bud green

    Pool Pros Banned from Playing?

    After reading about one of the top three cushion players, Marco Zanetti, being given a "lifetime ban" in the three cushion section, I started wondering if any pool player in the US has been given the same treatment. Zanetti insulted a ref I guess. Semih Sayginer can't play in world events...
  13. bud green

    Worlds Best Golfer Plays Snooker?

    The new number one golfer in the world, Lee Westwood, apparently is some kind of enthusiast. I clicked on his profile on a site and it listed snooker as one of his hobbies or interests. Any of our European members on this site have any info about him or any other pro golfers as far as their...
  14. bud green

    Pros helping other pros

    Do professional pool players help out fellow players when they notice they are doing something wrong? I was just reading about Hallberg, a senior tour golfer who won a quarter million last week after another pro golfer, Nick Price came up to him and gave him a putting lesson. Tiger has done the...
  15. bud green

    Wanted: Billiard Atlas III & IV

    Hope no one thinks my timing is poor...I honestly have been going through his first two books the last few weeks and want to get paper copies of the last two books he put out. I will either pay cash, trade for other books such as the Darrel Martineau billiard system books, trade some pool...
  16. bud green

    Allen Gilbert Stories

    For a player with the credentials he has, it seems like I almost never hear any good Allen Gilbert stories, especially since he seems to be one of the few billiard players with a gambling history. I realize Sang Lee dominated US billiards for quite a while, but before that, Allen was one of the...
  17. bud green

    Congrats to Girlwon1

    Just wanted to say nice job to Tina for winning the So Cal Ladies tour and for doing well in tournaments lately. Unless I'm mistaken, there's been times when she's wondered if all her hard work was paying off and if pool was worth the time and trouble, but her recent results should encourage...
  18. bud green

    Cushions increasing ball speed

    Players at my local pool hall seem convinced that a Diamond bar table they use increases the speed of the ball after rebounding off the cushion. Obviously you can stun a shot with spin and make it speed up off a rail, but can a center english shot actually gain speed after contacting a rail? I...
  19. bud green

    Yang the Tiger Killer lists Billiards as hobby

    Does anyone know more about the golfer YE Yang and his interest in billiards? In today's paper, it listed his hobbies as billiards and fishing; I was wondering if he played pool or the 4 ball carom game you see in some asian pool halls. Maybe a poster here who lives or is stationed in Korea...
  20. bud green

    Golf on a Snooker Table

    Is there an online or in print book/tutorial on different strategies in this game? They just put in a 10' snooker table and I played a few games of golf today, but I only know the basics and would like to learn some other approaches to the game.