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  1. K2Kraze

    Pool & Billiard Magazine; 1982 - 1985 WANTED

    Looking for the 1982 through 1985 Pool & Billiard Magazine issues. email me at: ~ K.
  2. K2Kraze

    1st/2nd/3rd editions Blue Book of Pool Cues

    Books are SOLD Here is a complete set of all three of the Blue Book of Pool Cues series in beautiful, unread condition. Never opened. No issues whatsoever. PERFECT CONDITION. Sold as a complete set only. Actual pictures of the books you will receive: ~ K.
  3. K2Kraze

    Eddie Robin Position Play in 3C book $375

    This Eddie Robin book on Position Play in Three Cushion Billiards needs little introduction for both the serious player as well as the collector. This extra copy I have from my personal library is now being offered at a great all-inclusive shipped and insured CONUS price of $325...
  4. K2Kraze

    Eddie Robin SMS & W1P books $225 for both

    Eddie Robin SMS & W1P books $225 for both These 2 books have SOLD Both of these wonderful One-Pocket books by Eddie Robin have been used and studied - extra copies that I have for the 1P player looking for affordable copies to study and get into a collection that can be shared amongst...
  5. K2Kraze

    (limited release) McDermott 3x4 Leather Cue Case

    CASE IS SOLD McDermott had only 18 total custom cue cases made by Navigator leather - 6 each in black (shown), brown and black/orange in the fall/winter of 2017. I have 1 of the 6 black cases FOR SALE that has NEVER been used and still has the original packing in the larger storage...
  6. K2Kraze

    announcing a GIVEAWAY promotion for *Pool Ball Collectors*

    * exclusively for the visitors of the Pool Ball Collecting thread...but I’ll get to that in a moment. Hello, everyone. How about something new and different on AZB. Unique. Borderline crazy. (because we all know there isn’t enough crazy here already) How about a completely free GIVEAWAY...
  7. K2Kraze

    Attention all RASCHIG owners and collectors.

    Hello everyone - ⭐️ ALL HAVE BEEN SOLD ⭐️ My good friend from the western shores of England (Rubik’s Cube) and myself would like to make available to the good folks of the esteemed AZB forum a truly once-in-a-lifetime albeit unusual find from what we’ve been able to verify within a hair of...
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    What came first - the billiard ball or the billiard table? It is my contention that the balls always came first. In the beginning, there was a ball of a certain size and composition - and an ageless child dreamt up a game to play...with that ball. And so it began - an evolution of balls and...
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    RASCHIG Billiard Balls. Flawless. Never played. Never distributed. Leaflet and Box

    Please reference the Main section threads and the titled “RASCHIG Billiard Balls. attention all owners and collectors” for the complete story of how we came into having a few of the peerless numberless Raschig 9-Ball sets. FOR SALE. $475 That price is ALL INCLUSIVE of all fees...
  11. K2Kraze

    Original TARGET POOL by/Kim Davenport - SOLD

    SOLD Complete and never used in perfect, mint condition. All 7 items in the original opened box. The pictures below are the actual items for sale in this listing. SOLD ~ K. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. K2Kraze

    Billiards Digest back-issues FS

    Time to finish or add to your collection and missing issues with extras I have available. All copies in great to mint condition. Individually stored in archival bags with heavy duty acid-free backer boards. Please email for latest availability and pricing payable via PayPal...
  13. K2Kraze

    New member issues - not allowed to post

    Hello everyone - A good friend of mine has registered on the forum and has yet to be allowed to post after numerous weeks and emails to the admin boys - still no replies and no posting allowed. Can anyone offer help with this and get word to Mike or anyone else that can help get him taken care...
  14. K2Kraze

    Does anyone have a Meucci Millennium ball set FOR SALE?

    Looking to connect with anyone that has one or both of the Meucci ball sets that were produced back in the late 1990's. They produced a Tournament Players Set and a Millennium Set: Thanks everyone! ~ K.
  15. K2Kraze

    WTB Inside Pool magazine issues

    Looking to buy the following Inside Pool magazine issues: 2009: Dec 2010: Jan 2011: Sep, Nov 2012: Apr, May/Jun, Nov, Dec 2013: all Thanks! K.
  16. K2Kraze

    WTB Pool & Billiard Magazine issues 1982-1985

    Looking for Pool & Billiard Magazine issues beginning 1982 through 1985, please. K.
  17. K2Kraze

    WTB The American Cueist magazine DEC 2000 and newer

    Looking for December, 2000 and newer of The American Cueist magazine. I have many extra copies of Billiards Digest, Pool & Billiard and even Make It On The Snap magazines that are all in archival sleeves and backer boards to trade for (The American Cueist issues I'm after) if you're in need of...
  18. K2Kraze

    Anyone have the McDermott ON CUE publication started in 1992?

    Hello everyone - Does anyone have copies or issues of the McDermott ON CUE publication / magazine they put out starting in 1992 they may want to sell/pass along to the next caretaker? ON CUE was a quarterly journal of industry news overall with a focus on developments in their product line...
  19. K2Kraze

    Need HELP locating this BALL SET

    Hello everyone - I am asking for help locating this full set of balls and will of course offer a fair finders-fee leading to a purchase. I've seen these listed on ebay in the past but have been unable to find the listings...and I've located overseas manufacturers willing to produce more of...
  20. K2Kraze

    McDermott ON CUE newsletter, anyone?

    I have a few issues of the McDermott ON CUE newsletter they began printing and sending out to retailers and industry folks in the summer of 1992 and know for sure they went into 1995, usually quarterly... Do we have any AZB members that know more of this newsletter? How long it was in print...