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  1. JusticeNJ

    2022 AZB Ghost Challenge - Official Thread

    I beat the 9 ball pro ghost 7-3 tonight. Two 3 packs and a final b&r. I think I only missed one shot - a curve shot. The other two losses were scratches iirc. In my quest to retain my title as the clumbsiest pool player ever, I nudged the 5 ball in the last rack w my pinky finger ☹️ Here’s the...
  2. JusticeNJ

    Gold Crowns

    Why the 3 before the 2 and 5?
  3. JusticeNJ

    Name your superstitions... about what makes you play good or bad [for fun thread]

    I recall reading somewhere that Efren needed a black collar or ring on his cues. Yes, I know there's probably a picture of him with a cue that doesn't have black on it.
  4. JusticeNJ

    Puerto Rico Open 10 Ball, Men & Women (Nov 15-18), Winner $25K (Men)/$20K (Women)

    Right - exactly. But the cloth looks like it’s still pretty slick. It just looks kinda weird but I can’t put my finger on it.
  5. JusticeNJ

    Puerto Rico Open 10 Ball, Men & Women (Nov 15-18), Winner $25K (Men)/$20K (Women)

    Is it me or do the rails on the tv table look slowish / kinda dead
  6. JusticeNJ

    All time greats- who do you play?

    I’d gladly donate to watch Mizerak rain 100s in 14.1 circa early to mid 70s.
  7. JusticeNJ

    For anyone that thinks Bergman can’t play anymore

    I believe it’s a bar table per Molina Mike - can anyone confirm
  8. JusticeNJ

    Warning Signs of Billiardism

    If your business is going bankrupt and you think it can be saved with a movie script or an ESPN show - you have billiardism
  9. JusticeNJ

    SJM at the 2022 International Open

    Similarly, I cannot watch Kaci without a clock. But he doesn’t seem to suffer much when it’s on.
  10. JusticeNJ

    Online fargo calculator

    As far as I can tell you’re somehow running out 10 ball while playing 9 ball . . . So yeah pretty pretty good
  11. JusticeNJ

    Judd and Ronnie

    Sounds like a minor, fleeting spat in the middle of a finals that was spun up into a story. Ronnie was there to win (and was up like 6-2 when Judd ran the 147 iirc). After the seeing the video, I don't see Ronnie doing anything wrong - Judd was happy, crowd was roaring, and Ronnie was in his...
  12. JusticeNJ

    What table and pocket size is straight pool played on?

    There is no answer. My opinion, which means basically nothing mind you, is that you will enjoy the game on a 9 foot table with 4.75" pockets or larger. What makes the game both difficult and fun at the same time is not shotmaking. You will need to make some difficult shots in 14.1, but it's...
  13. JusticeNJ

    Hardest break ever?

    Whatever ruling that breaker wants
  14. JusticeNJ

    2022 AZB Ghost Challenge - Official Thread

    I beat the pro ghost (no BIH) tonight 7-5. Finished with a 3 pack. No video - haven't turned it on a while. I can start again as late fall / winter sets in and I'm in the house more.
  15. JusticeNJ


    Oh man, they're on to me!
  16. JusticeNJ


    I bet you $10k someone will
  17. JusticeNJ

    Evan Clark passing..............

    Saw it on the FB group too. My first “good” cue was a Clarke era Schon. Cue plays great and I still have it. God speed Evan
  18. JusticeNJ

    Is John Schmidt In Some Hot Water?

    In a later match he said he heard Earl was the pick. He basically said it was second hand knowledge so I don’t know how widely known it was by then. The news was out by the next day anyway iirc.
  19. JusticeNJ

    Matchroom picks the DRAMA QUEEN.

    He’s the pick so I wish him the best and hope he kicks ass. He played well when he was pretty chilled out (for earl) at the international. Hopefully he’s found some peace.
  20. JusticeNJ

    Wildcard Pick For 2022 Mosconi Cup Poll

    No argument from me. But John said he heard it from someone who overheard Emily say it. For that reason, it seems prudent to wait for an announcement. It could very well be true.