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  1. CuesRus1973

    Something new

    Check this out. There is a new button below the "search products" line. A new tool for wasting time... ;-)
  2. CuesRus1973

    A Cue maker's credentials

    Can you judge a cue maker/repairman by whether or not he knows what Doodles are? Just got mine.:thumbup:
  3. CuesRus1973

    need help identifying a cue

    Does anybody know who made this cue? Best ID-ing mark is the Se logo. It seems to me I have seen it before but I don't remember where. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  4. CuesRus1973

    A Game of Pool

    1961 Twilight Zone, Jack Klugman and Jonathan Winters.
  5. CuesRus1973

    Sailor Cue?

    Anyone seen this? I never seen one before. I only heard about them. I just read a article about this guy. I wish I had $450.00...
  6. CuesRus1973


    Hey, guys. I've been repairing cue sticks for almost a year now. I was wunderin who you guys buy supplies from. Any help would be gratful. Thanks Fred
  7. CuesRus1973

    Where is Bobby Hunter?

    One of my customers told me that Bobby Hunter is no longer with Joe Gold. Does anyone know whats goin' on?
  8. CuesRus1973


    just gettin' my feet wet...