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  1. Donovan

    You guys are still here? I missed you! -Donovan

    Man, I have been gone a few years and 2 people have been pushing me to stop by and get involved again. So :thumbup: I am going to get involved again. BTW, all the PM's and emails from many of you guys over the last few years have been very sweet.
  2. Donovan

    AZB Dallas/Fort Worth Fall Get Together Oct 21, 2007

    Sunday October 21st at Diamond Billiards in Dallas. TImes for starting coming soon to this thread. We will have some simple door prizes: I have a couple of 2X Polo's I will be giving away. One of them is Talisman Billiards and the other is Predator; they are both black with gold stitching. I'm...
  3. Donovan

    How do you play this...

    8-ball, you are stripes, and it is your turn. I would like to see what other can come up with and then I'll share what happened to me. This was crazy, but it was too fun not to share. :) CueTable Layout
  4. Donovan

    14.1 Break Shot Diary - CueTable Style

    14.1 Break Shot Diary - CueTable Style CueTable 5 Pages OK, I did this on another thread and it got me to thinking. What if a bunch of us add a page or 2 to this and turn this CueTable set into a 14.1 Break Shot Diary or some kind of a how to kind of thing? I did these 5 break shots already...
  5. Donovan

    Rules question for most any game...

    I was just sitting here thinking and wondered... If a player (let's say they are playing 14.1 for our example) hits a slow roller to a pocket, looks up and sees, the pocket is full. Is he allowed to run around and take a few balls out before that ball gets there? AND what would happen to the...
  6. Donovan

    What is your favorite shot for...

    Getting Out of Trouble. There are certain situations that we have all gotten in and we have found creative ways of getting out of them. What are some of your favorites? Not everyone can use the new cuetable...although I found their instructions to be great. (Today was my first real attempt at...
  7. Donovan

    Background noise when you play?

    So what kind of background noise do you like best iwhen you play/practice, if any? I put up as many as I could until I ran out of options. Please choose all that you like.
  8. Donovan

    Donovan's Party Poker Pool Game

    I should have posted this game sooner. I had a party at my house on New Year's Eve night and not everyone was a pool player, if you know what I mean. So, I took the old poker pool game and fixed it to work for everyone. It was so much fun they stayed and would not stop playing until the wee...
  9. Donovan

    A great radio story on Efren...

    I got this from Steve's post on Look for the "Listen" button just below the word Billiards in the title. I can honestly say this was a real treat to listen too. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did!!!!
  10. Donovan

    rackmsuckr about to hit 5000 posts!

    I wonder what she is going to do? Plus, her latest avatar keeps hypnotizing's so hard to look away. :)
  11. Donovan

    ccn7's - When do you make your move...

    In another forum, our ccn7, posted the question about when to make you move. Meaning when do you go for the run out in 8-ball and he posed the question, do you play the table or the player. I took such a long time to write up my thoughts, that I thought I would share it here too. I would love...
  12. Donovan

    6 Steps to Improve Your Abilities

    I just saw a thread by lewdo25 on the 5 Laws of Practice. So I thought I might share my list. THIS is not new, innovative, or original, but it is the list I wrote for myself. I tried to write it so that it would work with most sports, but I had pool in mind when I compiled it into one list. This...
  13. Donovan

    Jay Helfert.....DAD?

    Donovan asks in his best Sylvester Junior's voice, "Oh Father, were you in Chicago, December of 1967?" I was looking at pics from last year's DCC, when someone in my family asked if that was me. I looked at who they were pointing to. It was a thumbnail pic of Jay Helfert just standing there by...
  14. Donovan

    9-Ball Finals Play-by-Play

    Game starts at 9pm ET. 2007 DCC 9-Ball Finals - Race to 7 Niels has a buy-back, so Luat must beat him twice. Niels Fiejen - 0 Rodolfo Luat - 0 Game starts in aproximately 40 minutes.
  15. Donovan

    DCC 2007 - registration.

    Is anyone else having trouble registering for the live coverage on It not only accepts my last year's login, it won't let me create a new one.
  16. Donovan

    My LASIK adventure.

    I got my right eye (the dominant eye) done on the 30th. They had a hard time getting my eye to dilate, so they ended up putting in like 20 drops in my eye. This is more than most people get. They use a device to pry open your eye and keep it open. It feels like a giant lens holding your...
  17. Donovan

    IPT banner on Mike still getting paid?

    I am really curious as to whether Mike is still getting paid by the IPT for their banner on AZ or if they just paid ahead? I don't really care either way that it is up there. It's not like we are the uninformed of the goings on. I was more curious, if they are still paying anyone out there for...
  18. Donovan

    How is DM doing?

    I was able to follow him around on some of the other forums there for a while, but I haven't been to those lately. I was just wondering if he is still around or did something happen to him?
  19. Donovan

    Score Sheet to use if you want.

    I'm sorry I was so darn late getting here this year, but I just plain forgot. Here are the Score Sheets I made for us last year. Pick your poison: (excel sheet) (the jpg for those who do not have excel) Hope this helps and again sorry this is so late.
  20. Donovan

    My new South West 2006

    I'm not a photographer, but here are the only 3 pictures that turned out. I haven't chalked this yet, but a center ball hit has the best feel and I couldn't be happier with how this turned out. So without too much hogwash, here they are: