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    Sold Schon CX50 - 500 takes it

    Hi folks. Have a Schon here looking to sell. There are some finish bubbles in the butt sleeve but it rolls straight together and apart. Nice firm traditional schon hit. I believe it sits around 19 oz weight or so. Tip is a full 13mm. Shaft and butt are the usual 29" each for a standard 58" cue...
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    FS: Schon CX50, Meucci Barbox Pro, Pechauer Pro

    Hi folks. Have a few cues for sale at reasonable prices. Discount for multiples. Thanks. Schon CX50: back when they were loaded with Iv### and real abalone shell. Has a couple finish bubbles but in great playable shape. Looking for 550 OBO. Meucci Barbox Pro MESW01: sold. Pechauer Pro P08-F...
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    WTB/WTT: Pechauer P14 2010-2012

    Hi folks. Looking for the balabushka tribute Pechauer made from 2010-2012 "or something similar really" P14 pro series. I'd love to trade for it but will purchase for the righr price. Feel free to message on here, email at or text at 219-363-8580. Thanks!
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    WTT/WTS: Schon for a Mezz

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    Finally got a Gold Crown!!!

    Hi folks! Sorry but i'm just super stoked about finally getting a table in my house again and had to share. It's a 9' Gold Crown 4 in what i believe is rosewood, copper and Simonis 860 in electric blue. New bumbers and everything plays great! Only had a chance to play a dozen racks or so before...
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    Brunswick Goldcrown 1 2 3?

    Hi folks. I've been looking for a pool table to put in the basement and came across a semi-local place that has a bunch of what look like gold crowns "I can see the B for brunswick in front on the ball return" in some pictures. One of the gentlemen there said the owner was looking to sell a...
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    Table debate: Brunswick Monticello vs Gibson

    Hi folks. Having a hard time deciding on an 8ft pool table to put on the basement when it's finished. I have hmfound two tables at different price points. Brunswick Monticello - can be delivered and set up with new simonis 860 for 1200$ total. This is the cheaper option and from what i have...
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    Brunswick Medalist 9' table owned by the late Allan Jones "Michigan City Al" 1,500$

    Brunswick Medalist 9' table owned by the late Allan Jones "Michigan City Al" 1,500$ Hi folks. Posting this for the family of a local pro who recently passed. This is his 9' Brunswick Medalist that looks to be in wonderful shape. They're looking to get 1,500 out of it OBO. They're located in...
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    FS: Schmelke, Viking, misc...

    Hi folks. Thinning out the herd a bit. 60" Schmelke without label cocobolo and curly maple sneaky break cue 3/8 × 10. Shaft is stiff taper with a Samsara break tip. Hits awesome. 160 30" Schmelke without label cocobolo and curly maple 3/8 × 10 butt with a 29" mcdermott g-core shaft. Good...
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    FS: Josswest shaft early 80s 5/16x14

    Hi folks. Wondering if anyone would be interested in a Josswest shaft i have from an early 80s Josswest i sold the butt to. Was looking for 350 shipped. I can get pics up later or you can shoot me a PM, email at, or text me at 219-363-8580.
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    FS: Josswest 80'-83'

    Cue hits like a cannon. They don't really make em' like this anymore. 19.5ish oz good condition for it's age. Looking for 1400 shipped and insured OBO. Thanks!
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    First 1,000 gets it!!!!!

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    My first Josswest

    So... i did it. Pulled the trigger. Only played 2 racks with it and it hits like a freight train. Awesome. It's in much better condition than i thought as well so, good news lol.
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    Josswest Offer

    Hi folks. I have an opportunity to pick up a Josswest early 80s "i think" from someone and was wondering if i should pull the trigger. I'm unsure of the history of the cue and don't know if they ever faked them or not. How does this look to you guys?
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    WTS: 80s Joss with stitched collar shaft

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    Viking Crush Break Cue

    Hi folks. Getting rid of my break cue, as I have another on the way. Phenolic tip, good shape, hits like a cannon. Looking for 150 shipped. Thanks.
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    Juiced my shaft a little...

    Hi folks. Some of you may have seen that i got a new Schmelke "just ordered a matching break cue" and i wasn't quite satisfied with the shaft taper. So... I Ended up smashing the triangle good and flat first by breaking 20+ racks with it, now it holds a dime tip and hasn't budged since and has...
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    Schmelke = Awesome

    Finally got my order from Schmelke. 60" cocobolo sneaky with black cap and joint collars. I'm extremely impressed by the finishing but you can tell in some small areas that it could be better. There is a glue spot visible in some small spots between the points but nothing major at all. It hits...
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    Local Find: Joss

    Hi folks. I was out and about and saw this guy for sale locally. I don't really wanna say what I paid but i think it's a lot less than I should have. From what the guy said, it's from the early/mid 80s but he wasn't sure which model or year exactly. First question, is this the original shaft...
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    FS: Viking A862 with extra shaft and case