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    Confused By the Caudron Update on the Korean Tournament

    I don't know what to make of this update from Caudron on who he's playing against. Is there really a guy in the tournaments who calls himself 'Hacker' and plays in a mask? And please don't tell me to use the 'search' feature for 'Korean hacker' before posting my question :)
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    Black Spot on Red Ball?

    I'm watching some of these YouTube videos of the 2021 Duke Challenge and the red ball appears to have a black spot on it, in addition to the white measle dots. The white dots make perfect sense to me, but I cannot imagine what purpose the black spot serves. Am I missing something obvious?
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    Neat Home Game

    Came across a cool video of Dani and Semih playing in one of their homes. I assume it's Semih's, since the table is of Turkish make and Dani does/did have his own brand. Home Game 2020 by 🇪🇸 Daniel Sanchez vs. 🇹🇷 Semih Sayginer at 3 cushion billiard. - YouTube
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    Deflection Question

    Watching the old Mcreery video someone mention in another thread, the shot at 10:30 got me wondering -- how much 'deflection' are we seeing in this shot? I suppose I ask from the perspective of a guy who has read all the high deflection, low...
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    Getting Serious About Some Systems

    I've decided to focus on learning some three cushion systems in a more dedicated way than I have previously, between the recent threads on systems here and the fact that a health issue will soon keep me confined to my home for several months in 2020 (with a 10' Gabriels in my billiard room --...
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    Virtual Games

    So, a couple years ago I saw an ad for a ceiling-mounted projector system that Caudron endorsed that let you laser-mark and recreate ball position to play against folks in another location. Kind of like the old chess matches by mail, I took it as. It got me wondering if any of y'all here would...
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    Art Thread From Recent Past?

    Does anyone remember the thread from this forum that had a link to several pages of billiards-related artwork? I recall really wanting to buy and frame some of them, and even thought I remembered posting a comment or two in that thread, but I can't seem to find it. I've tried searching and...
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    Different Disciplines - Different Tips?

    I need to have a tip put on a cue I bought from a forum member here. It's a small, light cue designed for straight rail, and it got me wondering -- do players use different tip hardness for different disciplines of carom? My primary 3 cushion Kilby cue came with Moori mediums that I love and...
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    Ball Size - What a Difference

    Goofy thread to start, but I found my old set of Aramiths I used to play English Billiards when I lived in New Zealand and Australia for a few years. Threw 'em on the Gabriels and WOW, what a difference! I sure didn't think they were so small at the time I was using them every day ...
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    How Often Do You Chalk?

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but with the ever-changing nature of equipment I'd like to ask again -- -- -- How often do you find yourself chalking your cue? In the past I regularly played cheaper cues, usually with LePro tips for cost savings. I chalked about as regularly with those...
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    Boston Players

    I'll be in Boston a few days the second week of May for work. Anyone around interested in meeting up someplace to hit a few? I don't really feel much like doing the whole 'dig through the Places to Play guides, hope something works' thing ... I just don't seem to have much luck with that...
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    Table Pads

    Thought I'd post a few photos of a custom set of table pads I bought from Heartland Table Pads out of Indiana. They were made and shipped within a week of my order, and the guy was real good to deal with, asking for specifics on the table dimensions so everything would be just right. It's 5...
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    If You Were to Start Learning an Artistic Stroke...

    So I've always wanted to try some of the artistic shots but never wanted to beat up anyone's table. Now that I have my own, I don't want to beat that one up either... What are your thoughts on using a 4x4" snippet from the old Simonis 300 that came off the table that Yura left with me as a...
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    Hanging Up Score Beads

    So I bought a set of score beads like we had in the room where I learned to play: But I don't have a light that I can hang them from in the way I've always seen it done. I have a traditional ceiling fan...
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    'New' Table Installed!

    So, I know it's probably just an exercise in repetition to say what a good job My. Yura does with installations, but the work he did for me yesterday delivering and setting up a 10' heated Gabriels was top-notch. Just a really great guy to work with, and happy to answer all my questions to...
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    Buying a Home - Cost Questions

    Hi All, My wife and I will be buying a home and I'm trying my best to hold out for one with space for a 10 ft. heated table. I understand it may be some time before I get the table itself, but want to have the space available all the same. I know I'm not the first to try (and maybe fail) but...
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    Experience Buying From RunOut Media

    Just wanted to post a quick review about my experience buying from RunOut Media. A few weeks ago the "What Would Efren Do" t-shirt caught my eye but I was curious about sizing, so I emailed at night to ask a question. I immediately got a helpful response and ended up receiving *both* sizes...
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    Snooker Table For Sale

    Just ran across this ad on the New Orleans section of Craigslist. I don't know anything more than what's included in it, but thought someone here might be interested to see a 6x12 snooker table for sale in Jackson, Mississippi:
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    Italian Billiard Table Photos

    Hey All, For anyone interested, I thought I'd post some pictures of the table I've been playing on for the last 10 days or so while staying at a friend's place in Italy because it's unlike any table I've seen before. Basically it's 9 feet long (though I'm sure you could get it in a 10) and...
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    Billiards in Rome or Naples, Italy?

    I've got a few days to kill in Rome and Naples Italy and would love to play some Italian pin billiards, or even just three-cushion. Anyone have *any* idea where to find some? Thanks.