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  1. Highmiles

    Jacoby ultra super pro shaft turn down

    Jacoby says not to turn down more than half a a mm.
  2. Highmiles

    WTB fancy? Schon joint protectors

    I'm looking for joint protectors that are marked with the Schon name, and/or fancy protectors to fit a Schon..have not seen any, and feel I must be missing resource.
  3. Highmiles

    Allen Green is under rated

    I just received my new cue from Allen, and I am shocked I haven't heard more about him. Now that I have it in hand, I felt that it might be nice to do a review. First of all, execution on the cue is excellent. The quality of construction is...
  4. Highmiles

    My new cue

    I was just notified by Allen Green that my new cue is ready for shipment. It is old school, which is what I prefer. The butt is 15.2 oz, and the shafts are 4.2 and 4.1oz. on shaft is 13mm and the other 12.75mm. Both have ivory ferrules.
  5. Highmiles

    Want to trade Schon STL13 for a Runde era cue

    I have a Schon STL13 that I would like to trade for a Runde era Schon. I might also be open to a trade on a cue with a similar hit, piloted shaft, and spliced points. I would also be open to kicking in $$$ to the deal. The STL is in excellent condition, and shaft and butt are both straight. Have...
  6. Highmiles

    Repair question

    I Have a cue with raised rings. There are thin ss rings bordering the ivory. All of them are raised, and have been since it was shipped to me. Also, the butt is not perfectly aligned with the points on the forearm. Is it possible to fix these issues? If it costs more than the cue is worth, I...
  7. Highmiles

    What is the advantage of a layered tip?

    I am being serious, not jerking anyone's chain. I have been playing since the 60's, and was away from the game for a while, and now it seems layered is the answer for most/many players. I am confused as to why a tip that is 90% leather and 10% glue, would be better insurance against miscues. The...
  8. Highmiles

    Schön mistake?

    I ordered a new Schön a couple of weeks ago. While cleaning the shaft today, I noticed that it has an Ivory ferrule, instead of the usual proprietary one they usually use. It was not ordered that way. Has anyone else had this happen, or heard of it happening? I wondered why the hit was so firm...
  9. Highmiles

    Willie Mosconi

    The best player ever, to actually hate the game of pool, and the people who played it? Any thoughts on that?
  10. Highmiles

    Very early Danny Stout cue

    The is a very early cue by Danny Stout. It is birdseye maple, and ebony, with 5 sharp points. He later turned to all CNC floating points and inlays.
  11. Highmiles

    New Schön diamond inlay?

    I needed to replace a Schön that I had sold, with a new one. I ordered a CX04, and it came Friday. As I expected, a few things were different than illustrated, and I appreciate that. The forearm wood was stained more darkly, and the tulip rings were replaced with Cocobola. The big surprise, was...