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  1. Marcopolo

    Gold crown 4 1/2 x 9 ft table for sale.

    Anyone in the gta Area who's interested in buying a 9 ft gold crown, please PM me . $1500 delivered and set up
  2. Marcopolo

    I have a question to ask about Dennis n Scott's match

  3. Marcopolo

    Anyone know if they are streaming the straight pool

    Any stream on the straightpool?
  4. Marcopolo

    World champion 9 ball Qatar

  5. Marcopolo

    Looking to buy a cue lathe

    im in toronto canada, looking for a cue lathe that can fix tips and ferrules for one piece cues. most lathes that I have seen forsale is in the USA. anyone who has any info please pm me. it would be much appreciated....Marco
  6. Marcopolo

    who's the best money player? not tournaments! but will play anyone for da dough!!!!!!

    Alex P, Dennis Orcullo , SVB, Wu, Yang, Efren.....????