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  1. wilkamania

    Predator Ikon and Blak Series: Real inlays or Decals?

    A friend was showing me his Predator and everything looked a bit too "clean" to be inlays. I always feel like if you look extremely close at the outline of inlays, you can see the little "furry" pieces the wood inlays. That being said, some of the predator inlay edges look a bit too clean and...
  2. wilkamania

    Seybert's/Michigan Open - Anyone there?

    My friend and I are debating on taking a tip over there for the weekend, but couldn't find info on admission prices, parking, etc. Also if anyone there knows what vendors are set up (other than Seyberts of course lol). It's a 2.5 hour drive and Fridays are usually a light work day (working...
  3. wilkamania

    Mezz Power Stroker Butt. Rare cue!

    For sale: Mezz Power Stroker butt w/Mezz sleeve. Asking $250 obo shipped. Info: The person who sold me this said the previous owner special ordered the cue when he was in Dubai. You won't see this for sale often. It's a HEAVY...
  4. wilkamania

    Buzzing noise from cue when hitting a ball

    Edit: you were right, it was the weightbolt. The allen key i used didn't have enough of a handle to torque the bolt so i thought it was stuck. I used the sale allen key used to put on bike cranks.
  5. wilkamania

    Mezz Power Stroke Trainer, PowerBreak1 Shaft (United Joint), Predator 314 Original with Cat

    Deleted. Will post power stroker butt in another.
  6. wilkamania

    WTB older Predator or Mezz Break Cue

    Got what i needed!
  7. wilkamania

    Custom Schmelke: I'm a fan for good.

    Quick Summary for those who don't want to read: Schmelke's easy to work with, my cue plays way better than it should, it costs less than the lowest "good" production cue yet plays as well as any custom I've had. Now that we got that out of the way, after owning cues from all over the range, I...
  8. wilkamania

    LF: Joss Sneaky Pete

    Seeing if anyone has a joss sneaky they want to sell. Straight Also 12.7-13mm Dings on butt don’t really matter Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. wilkamania

    Schon Taper Lengths vs other tapers

    Hey Everyone, Just trying to figure out what the Schon Taper is. When I googled, this is kinda of what I found off retail sites: Schon: 10-12" Regular cues: 12" Meucci: 14" Not sure about the accuracy of this. When searching AZ I'm not finding numbers. So i figured I'd check with the...
  10. wilkamania

    FS: Brunswick Hustler Style Case 1x2

    I have a hustler style vintage brunswick 1x2 for sale. In pretty good condition considering it's age. $90 Shipped. ConUS only, no trades. Paypal F&F or Cover fees. More Pics here Brunswick Case Album
  11. wilkamania

    Guiseppe or Porper 1x2 wanted

    Seeing if anyone had any of these cases laying around that they’d sell. Could get Giuseppe new from Billiards warehouse but figure I’d try here first. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. wilkamania

    FS: Mezz WD700 5/16x14

    Mezz Shaft is sold now. Thanks everyone!
  13. wilkamania

    Schon SP updated with an old school look

    Here is a Schon SP I bought. I wanted to love the cue to death, but I couldn't put my finger on why not. Then I realized I wanted an old school looking cue. Originally I was going to purchase an STL4 and get a white/green spec linen wrap on it. But with the cost of purchasing a new cue...
  14. wilkamania

    Best $20 I've ever spent on Ebay

    So I was looking for a cue to leave in the car for those emergency pool scenarios. I could always get something cheap (like a players/viper/etc), but I didn't want to spend more than $30 on this...and those were out of the range. Then I found a $27 sneaky pete on Amazon that may have served...
  15. wilkamania

    Schon Butt

    All set now! Thanks!
  16. wilkamania

    Ted Minassian - Owner of Marie's Golden Cue in Chicago, Passed Away today

    Hey Everyone, I know this is a national pool forum (and the premier one), but wanted to post this up there for anyone that knew Ted Minassian and/or have ever been to Marie's Golden Cue in Chicago. Since it was one of the oldest pool halls in the city, I figured some of you have been through...
  17. wilkamania

    Sharing my expensive and unwise cue journey, starting and ending via Schon

    Summary: Schon was the first cue I've hit with that wowed me, and after a long journey I'm back with Schon. Back when I first started pool, I bought a Meucci PPAC3. My friend loaned me his old 90s Meucci euro purple cue, and my cousin (who taught me pool initially) played with a Meucci Power...
  18. wilkamania

    Changes in Pool during my hiatus from 2014-2018

    So back when i first started playing in 2011, I remember the pool industry being in a seemingly all time low. Then around 2014, I changed my career, adopted a dog, got a new apartment, and a shoestring budget since no raise. Also in terms of league, we all got boosted up in handicaps, no one...
  19. wilkamania

    What does schon use on new cues

    Hey Everyone! I tried searching via forum and google search, but the only thing I see are about schon's old WB single layer tips. Having recently received a schon, it seems their stock tips are a softer hitting layered tip (when compared to the original). And I quite like them. I'd like to...