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  1. SSach


    It was a pleasure dealing with Bob. I asked him to make me a player with Brazilian Rosewood and he delivered. By far not his fanciest cue, but it still speaks volumes of his attention to detail and execution. A great twist on a hoppe cue.
  2. SSach

    Meucci promoting top players

    Rambling thoughts I just watched the Kevin Chen interview and I wanted to commend Meucci for helping out some current players as Kevin is considering (not sure if it happened already) playing with a Meucci. I am pretty sure these guys can adjusted to any cue because they have raw talent and...
  3. SSach

    Good Cause Raffle - Ron Gravel

    I didn't personally know Ron Gravel and I have only been to Diamond Billiard room once but the tragic and senseless passing of Ron bothered me. I figured it would be worth a try to raise some money here for his family and reached out to Alton (CueCaps) and asked if he would work with me in a...
  4. SSach

    Live from SBE '15

    I wanted to start a thread for those at SBE and wanted to share pictures. I expect to be there tomorrow into the weekend so I will be posting in here as well. So post'em and share for those that can't make it.
  5. SSach

    New pics - same BS

    Had this cue locked up and took it out and just stared at its beauty. Figured I would snap some pictures with my new phone and share. Yeah confirmed - still stink at taking photos.
  6. SSach

    My First Tad

    I have been interested in TAD cues since the late John Wright sent me photographs when I first got into cues. I knew I had to own one day and the timing was right when I located a late 70s early 80s cue that caught my attention. At first I was hesitant to buy it since the Tad logo was not on...
  7. SSach

    WTB - Leather Soft case

    Send me PM with your best price on a mint/new 2X4/4X8 Soft butterfly case (Instroke or something of comparable quality). I can do face to face deal in NYC area. Giving AZ sellers a look before I end up buying online. Sanjay
  8. SSach

    Andy Gilbert Hoppe

    Classic Andy Gilbert Hoppe ( This Year's - ACA with the Cuemaker of the Year) with Lizard Textured wrap. Hawaiian Koa wood points and butt sleeve with great veneer combo. One shaft is brand new, other is used but in great condition - Shafts @13mm 3/8-10 big pin. . Cue has Ivory Joint and...
  9. SSach

    Pro Players List

    Are the list for the Pro 10 Ball and One-Pocket up to date? I didn't see some of the international players or some of the well know US players. No Filipinos?? Thanks, SS
  10. SSach

    WTB - Cortland linen #9

    Cortland linen #9 (white/green spec). Enough for one cue. Please PM me if you have some to spare. Thanks, Sanjay
  11. SSach

    Szamboti Poster and

    I was talking to Gian (Drawman623) at the SBE and he told me about a really nice poster of Szamboti's he had back in Rhode Island. I had him send me the poster and had it mated and framed. One day it will be a great piece for the pool room. Oh and I added my new addition. Better pics to...
  12. SSach

    Why are some cuemakers ( * )'s

    I have purchased many cues throughout the years. Not the most and I know I have not spent the most. But some of the rants on these threads makes sure that I will never order a cue or buy one second hand from some cue makers. This includes some dealers who have a personal agenda to promote...
  13. SSach

    WTB Gus Szamboti

    Title says it all. Have cash for the right cue. Looking to spend up to 6K. Live near NYC and willing to meet up. Please PM if you have one for sale. If it is a bigger Gus and you want cash + a high end Art Cantando (6500 value) I will consider. Shafts must be full (12.9MM+) and...
  14. SSach

    Brazilian on Brazilian Combo

    I was asked to repost my Jerry Rauenzahn Brazilian on Brazilian Rosewood for a friend and wanted to know how many Full Splice Brazilian on Brazilian Rosewood cues are out there... If you have one post a pic. Heck if you have a Br/Br combo cue with veneers post... Would love to get some new...
  15. SSach

    Brazilian Beauty -R-

    I always loved Hoppe cues and fell in love with Brazilian Rosewood after my first taste of Rosewood on Rosewood. Since that day, I have decided all cues I commission will have a Rosewood on Rosewood theme. After seeing some of the work posted on Jerry Rauenzahn cues I decided to reach out to...
  16. SSach

    Guess the cuemaker

    Just waiting for the shafts to be finished then this will be home. So who do you guys think is making it?
  17. SSach

    Dennis Searing early house conversion

    I just picked up a Dennis Searing cue that could use a refinish. I have a few cues on order including one from Dennis, so I might consider selling the cue. Just wanted to get some feelers out. For now the best description I can offer is that it is a very early house cue converted with...
  18. SSach

    Ahhh Schick

    I got this cue a few years ago because of the classic/traditional look. I really couldn't keep my eyes off it. I thought about selling it once, but decided it would be a better move to hold on to it. But the cue lacked something... so I had to send it off to Bill. Add a little flair I asked...
  19. SSach

    70s JossWest - as classic as they come

    Late 1970s Josswest w/ four point Madagascar Rosewood with three veneers (Maple/Red/Black) into Birdseye Maple. Brown Lizard wrap put on by Proficient Billiards. Stainless steel joint, 2 shafts with Ivory ferrules and Moori tips. Steve Kornelle matching joint protectors included. Here are the...
  20. SSach

    Art showing off the bling

    I wish I got one directly from Art, but just happy to finally have one. And the Fellini Case that matches the wrap so well Thanks for letting this one out of your collection...and the know who you are. Sanjay