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  1. J-Flo

    Looking for......

    Looking for a repair lathe. Nothing to big because it will be used on location. Please text info including pics price and location to (708) 972-3143 Thanks in advance Also anyone who has done their homework on small lathes or may have purchased new, please share. I'm not opposed to buying new...
  2. J-Flo

    R.I.P "Sailor"

    Another one of the greatest enters the pearly gates. A couple of pics from Red Shoes Sailor with John Lavin the owner of Red Shoes, Sailor with Dennis Walsh of Derby City Straight Pool Challange
  3. J-Flo

    Dcc help

    A young player from the Netherlands is at hotel in Louisville and looking to car pool today and tomorrow. Need to get from WoodSpring Suites Louisville South, to Horseshoe. He came in two day to early so he has no ride till Saturday. Any help would be appreciated. You can text me at...
  4. J-Flo

    Alex Brick jump cue

    one of the last ones or of his shop. Brand new. Pm for pics SOLD SOLD SOLD plus fees. I'll be at Derby if you want to meet there.
  5. J-Flo

    And you thought you new it all

    I found this on the inter-web. It was written by a friend on mine who shoots in the straight pool league at Red Shoes Billiards, Mr. Ron Shepard. P.S. Just for the record, I didn't get past the introduction. New/Knew the joys of...
  6. J-Flo

    Johnny Archer At Redshoes

    Johnny was in Chicago on business and stopped just to say Hey! A class act as usual! Pic is Dennis Walsh, Johnny and John Lavin.
  7. J-Flo

    Please Take A Look

    Not sure if this is allowed
  8. J-Flo

    20th Anniversary

    Come on out and shoot some with my buddy John Lavin. It's the 20th anniversary for "RedShoes" billiards. It's also Johns 60th birthday. It's kind of a surprise so if you can't make it in person please hold your calls till Saturday. We are also having a $500 added one pocket tournament. P.S. Not...
  9. J-Flo

    A.B.C American Rotation in Chicago

    I'm starting an American Rotation league at RedShoes Billiards in Chicago. I have 6 signed up looking for 4 more. Anyone interested, please call my at (219)776-8564. Just got off the phone with Joe Tucker and looks like session is starting in a week. Would like to start on time. Only 4 spots left.
  10. J-Flo

    Hats off to....

    Hats off to "The Carom Room" in Beloit WI. Went to the no masters tournament this weekend and as always had a great time, watched some great pool and ate some good food. This is what pool needs. They sponcer a tournament, add $500, great tables and playing conditions and 100% payout on the Kall...
  11. J-Flo

    pool players / Dog lovers in Chicago

    If your a dog lover, here is a chance to play some pool and help raise money for a great cause. Ill be there trying to win the Sox Tickets.
  12. J-Flo

    Break Cues, Not what you think

    First, this is not a post about what cue I should get or what weight I should use. It more of an observation. I was lucky enough to sit in front of the TV table at Beloit this weekend and I was able to look at the break cues that the players used. I looked at what tip and what weight they used...
  13. J-Flo

    pictures from Beloit

    Here are a few pics.
  14. J-Flo

    any other suggestions?

    Need to fix a couple of cusions. Cannot find 3m fast bond , scotch bond any were around. I'm in Chicago, does any one use any thing else to glue new rubber on.
  15. J-Flo

    Congrats to our very own "wrickyb"

    He posted this FB this morning. He is a good guy and very good for our sport Well it happened Saturday July 19 2014 about 5:30 PM at the BCAPL/USAPL Nationals in Las Vegas. I officially became a CSI Referee - Lots of studying - Three Great Days in Class - 2 hour written test and many hours...
  16. J-Flo

    Problems with Pierce cues

    I got a cue from snowman34 here on AZ. The shaft was very loose like it had been cross threaded. Snowman asked how the cue was and I told him that i would probably have another shaft made cause this shaft was not what I expected. He said to send it to Jim from pierce cues and see what he said...
  17. J-Flo

    Racking clock

    We all are familiar with a shot clock but Im think there should be a rack clock. The big argument for the shot clock is to make play less boring for tv audience and to make matches end in a reasonable time. I watch a ton of matches on You Tube and after watching Frost and Shuff spend over a...
  18. J-Flo

    Happy birthday Randy G

    Special birthday wishes to Randy G. He is one of the good ones. I can't thank him enough for helping my game. He has done a ton for our sport. Can't wait to get back to Dallas, see you then Randy. John Flores:thumbup:
  19. J-Flo

    Chicago AZers Get Together II

    Its time again for our annual Chicago AZers get together. This year it's going to be at Chris's on the North side. We have to figure out a date that works for the majority. If your interested in attending, please post to this thread so I can PM you any info on event. We did this last year and...
  20. J-Flo

    What is going on at AZ

    I've been away from AZ for 3 or 4 months. Not complaining, just filling in a few friends who left me PM's and I wasn't able to respond to. Had 2 back surgeries and lupus is in full flare up and also not working. Been real hectic here also finalizing divorce, but worst of all not been playing...