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  1. vijesh

    Wtb lambros cue

    Please let me know if you one for sale Regards Vj
  2. vijesh

    Most underrated traditional style custom maker

    The website does not work sadly , contact details are not right , I have been trying to get in touch with Pete.
  3. vijesh

    Some cues by Arnot (Deceased)

    PM Sent , thx
  4. vijesh

    LTB Doug Beasley or Wes Hunter

    In hunt for Wes Hunter or Doug Beasley cue , forward balance - 19.5 for more (balance point) preferably 18.5 to 19.25 weight. with wrap. Thx VJ
  5. vijesh

    shaft weight

    Hi guys is it possible to get a shaft made, 12.2mm tip 4 oz or greater in weight ? 3/8 X10 modified joint? Regards VJ
  6. vijesh

    LTB maple shaft 3/8 X 10 modified joint

    I am not sure if its possible to get a 12.2mm shaft that weighs 4oz or greater. If anyone has it please let me know Regards VJ
  7. vijesh

    LTB ED prewitt merry widow

    Got one directly thanks Regards VJ
  8. vijesh

    WTB water buffalo tip (black)

    Hi I would like to but water buffalo tips , however I want the black ones, I can only find the brown ones.
  9. vijesh

    LTB Richard Black hoppe style cue

    Looking for a 58' cue, mint condition , must roll straight together and apart. Regards VJ
  10. vijesh

    Acrylic or Fiber tip pads

    Looking for green, yellow and blue tip pads please , if you have some for sale please let me know. Regards VJ
  11. vijesh

    Cue tip - why does it get dry a lot quicker

    Hi guys, I recently moved from Melbourne, Australia to Toronto , Canada. What I have noticed is that my cue tip gets really dry and flaky ... Has anyone else experienced this? I used a kamui medium black, I tried the soft as well ... I had a similar issue. I have never experienced this issue...
  12. vijesh

    Aramith Duramith or Cyclops Hyperion

    Hi I am looking to buy a set either would do. (looking for a clean set (no chips)) Please let me know if u have one for sale. Regards VJ
  13. vijesh

    WTB Play Great Pool by Mark Wilson Reply to Thread

    WTB Play Great Pool by Mark Wilson Hi I am looking to buy this book please pm me if anyone of you have a copy that you are interested to sell. Regards VJ
  14. vijesh

    WTB Kamui tan MH 14mm

    looking for old kamui (tan) MH 14mm ...please let me know if anyones got them regards
  15. vijesh

    WTB Mezz TA 3

    hi guys I'm looking to buy Mezz TA 3 please let me know if anyone is interested to sell them. regards VJ
  16. vijesh

    South West Cues for sale

  17. vijesh


    Hi I would like to share my experience with john parris of parris cues. I was at his 2 years back, he had about 40 odd cues and he said one of the best ways to choose a cue was to narrow it down to 10 cues out of the 40 first. So after spending a few hours i narrowed it down to 10 cues (a lot...
  18. vijesh

    LTB MEZZ Power break cue

    Hi I am looking to buy mezz power break I Kai cue Regards VJ
  19. vijesh

    top 3 custom cues - stainless steel joints only

    hi guys i would like to know your opinion, which are the best stainless steel joint custom cues out there. Regards
  20. vijesh

    Southwest Cues for Sale

    Hi folks, I am selling my sw cue collection, please click on the link below. Price range from 3000 - 4500, pm me please for pricing Regards Vijesh