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    Trade for a cue

    I’ve never done this and not even sure if it’s forum legal but if anyone is into softball I’d swap all these for a cue. I’m not much up on this stuff but the Eastons at one time was big desirable. Looking for nothing particular when it comes to a cue. And just to keep in good faith with it...
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    Everything to be added asap Tascarella made from an Andrew Rounceville blank…this cue really pops in person Butt - 15.8 ounce Shaft - 3.6 ounce 12.85 mm Shaft - 3.7 ounce 12.88 mm $4195 Tascarella player Butt - 15.2 ounce Shaft - 4 ounce Shaft - 3.6 ounce SOLD Mike Bender Butt - 15.5 ounce...
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    MACE ⚒️

    Nothin fancy just players…
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    Tascarella - Bender - Diveney - Weston - Owen - Carmeli - Gilbert - Schon

    I’ve sent pics to numerous people but if y’all want anything else just let me know. I have limited time for cues right now so selling outright is preferred… Left to right Tascarella made from an Andrew Rounceville blank…this cue really pops in person Butt - 15.8 ounce Shaft - 3.6 ounce 12.85...
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    Predator…Not For Sale 😁

    Might be soon tho. Had a few of these butts over the years but finding a butt and shaft still together is not very common. Fantastic overall condition and real straight, never been a big fan of steel joint cues but this one is an exception 😉
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    Joss West ~ Vintage Player ~

    Once every few years I’ll debate on selling this, I’ve been moving away from pool more so we’ll give it another shot… As classic and vintage of a player as it gets. The cue is circa 1974-1975 and is in fantastic / seasoned condition. The cue shows the wear of a player thats over 40 years old...
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    Davis ~ Predator ~ Stacey ~ Mezz ~ Meucci ~ Samsara

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    Southwest ~ Kent Davis ~ Predator

    Southwest cue 353-08 Butt - 16.1 ounce Shaft - 3.35 ounce 12.95 mm Shaft - 3.3 ounce 12.55 mm SOLD Kent Davis made in 08 Butt - 15 ounce Shaft - 3.7 ounce 12.87 mm Shaft - 3.7 ounce 12.85 mm $1295 Predator Truesplice-16 / Revo shaft Butt - 17 ounce / 2 ounce bolt Shaft - 3.85 ounce 12.4 mm $1250
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    Mike Stacey sneaky pete ~ Jacoby Black shaft

    Nice Mike Stacey sneaky pete SOLD
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    Mike Stacey on the chopping block

    Just picked this up, it’s one of Mike’s “Boos Cue” made from cutting board wood. Always loved the SW plain cues of this style and I might have some of these for sale in the future...or maybe this one..
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    Joss West ~ Joss ~ Mezz ~ Meucci ~ Samsara ~ Predator ~ Tascarella

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    JB case ~ SWEET PIECE ~

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    ~•~ JW ~ Joss ~ Schon ~ Meucci ~ Predator ~•~

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    JW ~ Joss ~ Predator ~ Willie Hoppe ~ Meucci ~ carbon fiber

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    ~ 𝔖𝔠𝔥𝔬𝔫 ~

    Just a neat older one. If anyone has any info on this model feel free to share, might be for sale soon...
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    Predator 30 inch

    The shaft was being made for an old C1 McDermott and never got used. It’s pictured on the Tascarella I have for sale, for reference. It’s straight and plays like a champ. It’s 11.9 mm and I’ll have the weight asap. The shaft is slightly smaller at the joint than the Tasc and a JW I have. Any...
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    Tascarella • Josswest • Howard • Joss • Predator • Stacey

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    JOSS....𝔒𝔩𝔡 𝔖𝔠𝔥𝔬𝔬𝔩 player

    JOSS....𝔒𝔩𝔡 𝔖𝔠𝔥𝔬𝔬𝔩 player Nothing fancy but one of the nicest examples you’ll see and the nicest one I’ve personally had in my possession. Dan knows the cue and said it’s an early 70s, maybe 72. The cue is in really great condition overall. Butt - 15.8 ounce 28.5 inches Original Shaft - 13 mm...