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  1. paulempor

    Help with Meucci Cue Case?

    Good afternoon folks I need some help to ID a cue case. Wife is doing some spring cleaning (In January) and low and behold one of the things was this 2x2 Cue Case that has been in a closet collecting dust. Tried searching online but couldn't find any info. I tried contacting Meucci via email...
  2. paulempor

    Bridge distance from cue ball

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. What is the ideal distance from the bridge hand to the cue ball. I have noticed the further back the bridge hand the more action you get on the cue ball, while sacrificing hitting the object ball accurately. Also at what position should your "striking" hand be at...
  3. paulempor

    Question on Paying seller's fee through Paypal

    Morning All, Didn't know if I should post this in the for sale section but as a buyer what are the steps to pay Paypal fees to cover the sellers fee. I didn't see anything when I went to pay. Thank you in advance. Paul
  4. paulempor

    Talk about knocking the poor kids action.... (Too cute)

    I do not know if it is a repost but it is worth watching if you have not.... A breathe of fresh air to see these kind of videos.... Paul
  5. paulempor

    Ok... WTF???? Really?! Really?! I don't know who to blame here.... The guy who signed it or the guy who gave it to him to sign it..... I hope there is a good story behind it like "He knocked it out and I made hime sign it" or something....
  6. paulempor

    The Pictures of the girls from RTC! (I don't care if I am outing them!)

    I don't care who gets mad or offended!! It is a free country damn it!! Spare me the drama of why would I post them for!!! Men don't forget to rep me.... Pictures are attached below Happy April Fools all!!! :grin-square:
  7. paulempor

    Rail and cloth questions

    Hello oh mighty mechanics of the pool felt jungle! Just purchased a house and picked up a used table off of craigslist. It is a Imperial Eliminator 7' :o (I know, I know but unfortunately thats all our pockets could afford)...
  8. paulempor

    WTB: Instructional Books DVD's

    Hey gang. As the title says I am looking for for any instructional stuff you might not want anymore. More specific I am looking for Joe Tuckers Guaranteed Improvement Drillbook and DVD but I am open to any other stuff that can help improve my game. Thanks for your time!
  9. paulempor

    WTB: OB1 shaft 3/8-10

    Happy holidays everybody. As the title states I am looking for a used or new Ob1 shaft. I currently use a Z2 on a Mcdermott and would like to test out an OB1. Unfortunately I haven't found anybody around my area. (Northrn New Jersy) that uses one to test. I would prefer a used one as price...