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  1. cue fix

    JB pool cue

    Jorge Balabushka? The ring work reminds me of the old cues like Cobra, Mizerak, Adam, Mali. If you can show the forearm and joint pictures, someone can possibly tell you.
  2. cue fix

    "Caption This" for November

    Ahh yes, I believe your Kaleidoscope has had a malfunction.
  3. cue fix

    Cue identity?

    i Do not know the brand, but based on the joint, I say inexpensive import.
  4. cue fix

    An Older Viking?

    I say McDermott D-11
  5. cue fix

    Help With Identifying A Few Cues

    based on the joint on the first cue, I say inexpensive. the second cue I believe it is something like Bellville, cheap import. The jump cue I cannot make out what is says, but it may be the best of the lot. Maybe custom.
  6. cue fix

    It's "Caption This" time again.

    My ploy is working. Everyone thinks I'm Eddie "The Hat" Burton!
  7. cue fix

    ivory pool balls

    The value depends on if she has the 3 ball set or if she has the complete 16 ball set. You would need to post photos to verify ivory as I have come across many pool balls advertised as ivory, but were not.
  8. cue fix

    Help needed with this joint.

    Is the shaft original to the cue? I see the shaft does not have threads for a while. How far down in the shaft before the threads start? Looks like a short pin, maybe only a few threads at the end of the pin are actually holding it on.
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    Logo ID

    i do not think that is a logo. especially being that big and that low. the wrap makes me think cheap import.
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    Question about a Bob Frey cue

    that is why I said to contact Bob, is because I also thought the the pin had been replaced and he would know.
  11. cue fix

    Question about a Bob Frey cue

    You should just contact Bob.
  12. cue fix

    Bert Schrager

    edited now there is a pic
  13. cue fix

    Price check aisle....YOU

    I used to use USPS 90% of the time, but after being charged this fee once, I have used different shipping methods. I find the fee to be ludicrous
  14. cue fix

    September Caption This Photo

    “I can’t hear you!” audience: “YOUR THE MAN!” ”Yahhh, I‘m THE MAN”
  15. cue fix


    you talking Goodwill
  16. cue fix

    Help with pool cue identification

    i think a number of us know where this cue is. that being said, there is another thread on here about the same cue. most likely Martin or Schrager. If you have good eyes there is engraving in the rings, if you can make out what it says
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    Most likely Martin, but possibly a Schrager. I think Schrager
  18. cue fix

    Robertson cue

    it is a Ricco cue made by his son Marco Cervantes
  19. cue fix

    predator z3 $100

    what joint?
  20. cue fix

    Price check on McDermott wildlife wc-6 / are they even more rare in 2021?

    since you are new here, why don't you just tell your friend to join and he can post them for sale. then people that are interested can do business with the actual owner.