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  1. rossaroni

    T-Rex vs The Lion!! Who do you guys like?

    Window is still open for another 30 minutes, if anyone else likes Tony. 👍
  2. rossaroni

    T-Rex vs The Lion!! Who do you guys like?

    I hear ya. I think it can easily go either way. Regardless, it should be a great match. Thanks for the sweat!
  3. rossaroni

    Don Sherman of Sureman Cues Has Passed

    RIP Don. Sad news.
  4. rossaroni

    T-Rex vs The Lion!! Who do you guys like?

    I’ll take Alex for 200, if available. Fatboy has first shot at it, but I do not believe he took it. Let me know. 👍
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    For Sale: Position Play In Three Cushion Billiards Book

    Position Play In Three Cushion Billiards by Eddie Robin. I figured I would post this book for sale here first, since it is dedicated to billiards. This book belonged to my dad, who recently passed away. Figured someone who plays a little more 3 cushion would appreciate this book. It is in good...
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    Sending text..
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    Players Attempting to Unionize?

    Consider yourself lucky. 😄
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    Players Attempting to Unionize?

    $.50/game…..was this in the 1980’s?! So, did the wise guy actually count every single game in the whole tourney? Probably a big difference if most of the matches went hill-hill, or many of the matches were lopsided. No wonder some pool halls I know of push bingo more then pool. I am sure the...
  9. rossaroni

    Highest break speed?

    I would think that 35-36mph is about top anyone can achieve at this time. A very good friend of mine would often just be given a break cue (or whatever the prize was) to not compete in the break contest, because if they posted his break speed, very few people would even try to beat it. 🙂
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    You too. Next time you see me, hopefully I will have some sort of world record.
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    So, I have to break a world record to expose the nits? I wish there was an easier way. 😄
  12. rossaroni

    Keanu Reeves at Arizona Snooker Academy

    Very cool. He seems like the most down to earth and humble celebrity out there. If all the stories are true, I have a ton of respect for him. Btw, how did he play?
  13. rossaroni

    Jeremy Jones taking over for Earl on team

    I actually was going to mention that I don’t even know if it is his quote or not…..but it was on the internet, so it has to be true.
  14. rossaroni

    Jeremy Jones taking over for Earl on team

    I have often joked with friends that Facebook will give $1,000,000 to the person who will change somebody else’s opinion on Facebook. To this day, nobody has claimed the money. Also reminds me of a Mike Tyson quote I saw the other day….."Social media made y'all way to comfortable with...
  15. rossaroni

    Mad Apple, Appleton Wi.

    I was also impressed with the Mad Apple….as were the 2 people I was with. Very nice set-up. Restaurant area is kind of separate from the pool area, so it doesn’t feel like you are in a pool hall setting when eating. Food was good also.
  16. rossaroni

    Schon cue identification

    I have had both. I remember thinking they were the same cue, but very minor difference…..ring work, if I recall correctly. Here is the 202 that I had for sale.
  17. rossaroni

    Shaw vs Orcollo OmegaTv thread

    62-61 Dennis. I forgot about this, and logged in just to give Mikey an update. 😄
  18. rossaroni

    Sending Some Good Thoughts Will Prout's Way

    Get better soon, Will!!
  19. rossaroni

    RIP Scott Lee

    Terrible news. RIP Scott.
  20. rossaroni

    WORLD POOL CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 June2021) Champion $50K

    Probably 1986, when Fast Eddie Felson last played.