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  1. rossaroni

    For Sale: Position Play In Three Cushion Billiards Book

    Position Play In Three Cushion Billiards by Eddie Robin. I figured I would post this book for sale here first, since it is dedicated to billiards. This book belonged to my dad, who recently passed away. Figured someone who plays a little more 3 cushion would appreciate this book. It is in good...
  2. rossaroni

    Predator BK2 Shaft

    I have a friend looking for a BK2 shaft. Let me know if you have one. New or used are both fine, depending on the price. Thanks!
  3. rossaroni

    Antique Brunswick Ivory Billiard Ball Set

    A friend ask me to help him sell his set of ivory Brunswick billiard balls. 2 3/8". My friend thought these were probably from the 1920's or 1930's. Come in original case, and padding also. I would say the case is in better condition them most i have seen. My friend stuck some paper towels in...
  4. rossaroni

    Predator Shaft For Pechauer

    Looking for a used Predator shaft that fits the Pechauer speed joint. Would really like to find a Z shaft, if possible.
  5. rossaroni

    Predator BK2 Wanted

    I have a friend looking for a wrapless Predator BK2. I see that someone else is looking, and looks to be having no luck.:(
  6. rossaroni

    Lower End Cue <$150....Joss, McDermott, etc.

    Looking for a cue for a friend who is just getting started. Budget is up to $150. Looking for a Joss, McDermott, Pechauer, etc. No import cues please. Figured I would try here, in case someone had something sitting around. Looking for a better then normal deal.(who isn't, right :)) Possible...