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  1. Ronoh

    When was the last time...

    You've read a table? Analyse the situation. Billiards is a simple art, to the "n"th degree. When will you learn.
  2. Ronoh

    as an observer...

    deleted post. I apologies for my ignorance.
  3. Ronoh

    What makes you, better than others?

    I've been very curious of this question. I would like to know. I understand actions are > words. Time > than all. Other than time on table, what makes you better than anyone else? ................
  4. Ronoh

    Demeaning One's self?

    I'm not afraid to my show weaknesses. I'm not afraid to show my thoughts. I'm not afraid to show my feelings. I'm afraid of showing... :::hurdle::: That's what I see in a lot who read here. Their own personal hurdle. Only YOU know how to overcome it. Get your ass in gear, no whining allowed.
  5. Ronoh

    Billiard Palor idea...

    I’d rather see this idea come to attrition, than to sit on it till I die. I just don’t have the money to make it come true. I’m only hopeful that one of you can make it happen. I’m not sure if anyone of you know what a “geodesic dome” home is, but, I thought “what a facility to hold a pool...
  6. Ronoh

    Thought you folks would get a kick out of this

    If you haven't seen it yet, todays Peanut's comic strip relates to pool.
  7. Ronoh

    Stat sheet

    I've been working on this spread sheet for a few months, off and on, and I think it might benifit a few that visit this board. From novice to instructor to pro. Before you download, please make sure you have all your anti-virus, firewall, and any other protection measures raised. I don't want...
  8. Ronoh

    now I'm ticked...

    I know the moderator has changed hands, I know the rules, I know how to get around the rules. BUT, to filter out the word T-H-I-N-K has hit an Edge for me. Fix it, please. Though, once they fix it, this post will look assinine.
  9. Ronoh

    Things you take for granted

    1.) Your stroke 2.) Your inadequacy 3.) Your perseverance 4.) Your fortitude 5.) You ____________________ If you don't challenge yourself, who will. Now... go practice.
  10. Ronoh

    Care vs. Concern

    I was asked, at one time in my life, "What makes you think you're an 'A' player?" My response was "Because it's what I strive to be." ........ Care vs. Concern, care vs. concern.... Hmmm... How does this relate to billiards? One word... Stroke. If your think that SOME day you will...
  11. Ronoh

    Quotes that helped me...

    The quotes that follow are from great people. The only thing I did was change the subject of Math to Pool. I give full respect to the authors. Creative billiardsman now, as in the past, are inspired by the art of billiards, rather than by any prospect of ultimate usefulness...
  12. Ronoh

    You opinions welcomed

    I had a thought that I haven't tried yet. I wanted all your input to see if it would make a good drill or not. With only the cue ball, on a open table with no balls on it. Pick a starting point to make a letter. The cue ball's path (with an overhead view) makes the letter. Each letter can...
  13. Ronoh

    The game of 38

    I've had a few PMs asking me what the game of "38" consists of... Here goes: You can only play this game with an open table, where you can pull out the "1", "2" and "3" ball constantly. "1" ball goes on the "foot" spot, "3" ball goes on the "head spot" and "2" ball goes in the center (lined...
  14. Ronoh

    Men without Honor

    I had to come here and tell you about my most recent experience. I'm so upset right now, I'm having are hard time typing this. Billiards (of any game) means that you play the table, and the best man wins. I had a guy get into a hole for over 5K. I'll admit, I was wrong for breaking his...
  15. Ronoh

    Have many of you used pool as a therapy tool?

    The reason I ask is that over the past year(s) I've been witness to quit a few people who have used pool as a form of therapy. My first hand experience was with my mother-in-law after her second husband died. She's from the old school where the only thing she knew how to do was cook, clean...
  16. Ronoh

    My Scruggs

    Here's a few poor pics of Scruggs that I used to shoot with. I've since have had another cue made by a local cue maker who just got his American Cue Makers Association certification at VF. Let me know what ya think of it :) It's ivory joint, ivory ferrel (2 shafts), ebony points, 4 veneers...