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    World Class Cue

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    1x2 Thomas case

    SOLD to Nick, Thanks. 1x2 Thomas black buffalo. No pouch or strap. Used for storage only. Shipped to USA addresses only. Sorry, no pictures available. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back, less shipping.
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    Sneaky pete with Tiger x-pro and Gulyassy SPTX

    SOLD Sneaky pete with a Tiger X-Pro and a Gulyassy SPTX (Strickland taper) shafts. Excellent condition. Seldom used. SOLD shipped, to USA addresses only, in a new Sterling Deluxe box case. No pictures because I don't own a camera. Satisfaction or your money back, less shipping. 19oz and 58''...
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    Centennial case info needed

    I have a Centennial case that has a Fellini style latch. Is this rare? The label is smaller than the later ones that they used. It is covered in what looks like nylon or some type of plastic, with wood end pieces. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    Extremely rare Dallas West built sneaky

    SOLD In 1989 Dallas West was going to start building cues. In just a short period he converted a few (built the shafts) and used house cues for the butt. A true sneaky, with no joint collars. After a few months he gave up the idea of being a cuemaker. I bought this cue directly from him in...
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    pin in shaft

    Why do nearly all cuemakers put the pin in the butt... instead of the shaft? Just something I always wondered about. Billiard cues seem to be pin in shaft. Why not in the pool cues? Tradition?
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    my heart surgery

    I know this is NPR but here goes anyway. 10 days ago I had an open heart bypass surgery done. Everything went fine, but this is one tough operation. No more pool for the next few months... and miss it all ready.
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    misc. & a few tips... Cheap

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    15mm LePro/Triangle tips

    I was told by one of our top cuemakers that the 15mm tips come from only one particular part of the water buffalo hide and that it produces a very good, consistent tip. I've installed 5-6 of each and have to agree. They all have been good tips. Anyone else with 15mm tip installation experience?
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    Original Old French Champion Tips

    I just installed one on a cue I seldom play with, just out of curiosity to see how the tip played. I didn't expect very much. After all, it's 40 years old. Many years ago it was the tip of choice to a lot of players. The French makers discontinued making it a long time ago and after a while...
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    WTB 4x8 Whitten case.
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    Moori V Tips

    The new Moori V tips... any opinions on them? I ordered a couple to try out. They are described as not having a hardness rating but are actually between a medium and hard. Anybody tried them yet?
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    Curly and BEM shafts

    I have a friend who is a very good, long time player. His current shaft is curly maple, and he loves it. He told me that he once played with a BEM shaft and liked it too. Claimed either of them played better than any straight grained he had ever used. Anyone have experience with these shafts...
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    Original Brunswick Ku-Bumpers

    SOLD One full box of 12 NOS Ku-Bumpers with original screws in the original green/white Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. box. The box itself is in good condition. These are the early, much sought after brown cue bumpers. $ SOLD shipped. This is a great find offered at a steal of a price. (The...
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    Bassel repair lathe

    This is my new Bassel Elshaar repair lathe. This machine is very well engineered/designed and built. Smooth and powerful with standard features and available options to make cue repairs quick and accurate. So far I've just starting using it, but I'm extremely pleased with the results. I'm not...
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    short vs long ferrules

    I played pool since way back in the days when 1''-1.25'' ferrules were the rule. Even now I prefer the hit of long ferrules. It seems that in the last 10-15 years ferrules have gotten shorter and shorter. Some are now .25''. I'm sure that trend is to reduce squirt. Short ferrules probably do...
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    One-piece butts

    Cues with solid, one piece butts (with no handle) seem to be rarely built. Don't see them very often... and was wondering why. Looks like they would be very solid.
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    Companion I Lathe

    SALE PENDING Unique Products Companion I cue lathe. Purchased in 2005. Good, solid condition. Has the optional heavy duty motor. Has only been used for tip installation and shaft cleaning. Priced to move very quickly. My only payment method is a US postal money order. No exceptions. Shipping...
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    These books and one video are for sale as a group only. PRICE REDUCTION $75.SOLD shipped media mail. Form of payment, money order. A Mind for pool (Capelle), Precision Pool (Kanov), Billiards Accuracy (Chin), Blue Book of Pool Cues 3rd edition, Complete Book of Pool (Mizerak), Willie Mosconi on...
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    Buddy Hall's Rags to Rifleman, Then What. Soft cover, very good condition. Signed by Buddy Hall and W.W. Woody. $85.SALE PENDING shipped US Priority mail. Money order only.