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  1. wreiman

    Rings and more Rings

    Variety of Rings .... what you see is what you get, most never opened. 65.00 shipped COUS, Paypal gift
  2. wreiman

    Direct Drive unit and Bosch Router

    Lightly used Bosch router and direct drive unit (fits Taig , cueman, Mid Amercia) . Run this with an offset tail stock and you have a tapering lathe. 180.00 shipped COUS Paypal ( buyer pays fee)
  3. wreiman

    CLEARING SHOP 3 : Break shafts

    To continue with the CLEARING SHOP theme, this is the remainder of the (Break) shafts, thought the 16 ply laminates make a nice playing shaft also but I preferred then for breakers. And then 5 nice coned purple heart shafts. L1 - 3 16 ply laminated shafts, make one hell of a break shaft. 60.00...
  4. wreiman

    Clearing Shop Shafts 1

    SOLD This is the first set of shafts, nice straight AA maple with average rings count about 15. Coned and and dry and stable. shipped COUS, Paypal gift. Or plus shipping which might be more or less?
  5. wreiman

    Clearing shop Wood 1

    This is the first of the wood sales. Tried to break them up in reasonable grous 1- 5 13.5 inch pcs of maple, all dry truned around 2010 some forearm or handel wood 40.00 shipped COUS . Paypal gift . 2- 5 13.5 pcs maple with some figure , all dry turned around 2010 . 40. 00 shipped COUS paypal...
  6. wreiman

    Clearing shop 2 , tail stock, pins, break tips

    Clearing the shop, going thru things, all priced to sell. 1- SOLD 2 tail stocks Modified Drilling Tailstock w/plastic handle extention and 3 wing knob and includes Jacobs 1/2 inch chuck & key. and Standard Tailstock, machined with a 60 degree dead center and 3/8 - 24 threads. Both very new ...
  7. wreiman

    Sanding Manderl 3/8 10 .845 new

    New sanding manderl for sale, 3/8 10 .845 . Never used SOLD shipped COUS. Am cleaning out my shop, will be putting mor up next week as I get a handel on everything that I have. SOLD
  8. wreiman

    Unique wrap jig and wraps NEW

    I have a new unique leather wrap jig with all the toys that go along with it and 18 tiger wraps. Due to heath conditions, I will not be making cues any longer , nor using this piece of equipment. There is about 1k worth of goods in this package and it will be sold as a package. Looking for 800...
  9. wreiman

    spare cue companion motor assembly

    Looking for a spare cue companion motor assembly. I know i can order one through unique. Anybody have any around?
  10. wreiman

    poison bolt 1 @ 2 w/ 3rd shaft lightly played

    This is a pair of 2013/14 Poison Bolt 1 & 2 with an extra venom shaft that I started the spring session playing. but have since gone back to my Joss. Comes with the 3x6 case and the Adam break cue. Just going a total different direction. The bolt 1 is 19 oz and the 2 is 19.5 350.00 shipped...