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    WTB.New SW exp.birdeye maple

    want a new or mint sw cue. exp.birdeye maple. no refinish,need to be original shafts. customer joint protector would be a plus. pls send pics and best price to thanks in advance Steven
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    WTB:Gina rainbow and Fancy Southwest cue

    Looking for Gina Rainbow cue and Fancy Southwest cues. Send a pm with spec,pics and price.
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    WTB:Bill Mac daniel shaft

    Looking for 2 or 3 new bill mac daniel shaft. At least 1 thin ring and 1 thick ring, no matter what the ferrule made of. pls pm price if you have. Thanks in advance.
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    WTB:Customer made Break cue

    Looking for customer made break cue(not break+jump) pls pm pic,price better brand new. Thanks
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    WTB:Pre flag master-col. TAN

    looking for (tan) pre flag master
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    WTB:Fiber pads for ivory ferrule

    Looking for fiber pads for ivory ferrule. Anyone knows where can i get it from? 100 pcs needed.
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    WTB: Real ivory ferrule

    Looking for some real ivory ferrule size of .540 diameter X 1.125" (+-) in length. pls pm price if you have. Steven
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    WTB: Bill Mcdaniel QJ49

    looking for Bill Mcdaniel QJ49. Pls pm pics spec and price thanks steven
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    WTB: elephent ear warp

    looking for few pcs of elephant ear warp black and brown. pm pics, size and price if you have some. Thanks in advance. Steven
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    WTB:Bill Mcdaniel QJ9 or QJ46

    Bill Mcdaniel QJ9 or QJ46 wanted, pm pics, specs and price if you have one.
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    One of a kind mc daniel cue on ebay.

    One of a kind mc daniel cue on ebay. anyone know if the current value $1850 is good for this cue. Thanks
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    WTB:pre flag master

    looking for full gross of pre flag master chalk(blue) pm price if you have.
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    WTB: New or mint conditation Fancy Tascarella

    Looking for new or mint conditation Fancy Peter Tascarella cue. Pls pm pics and price.
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    WTB:Pre flag master chalk(except color blue) and Kamui Chalk

    any one who have pre flag master chalk(except color blue) pls make me a offer. And also the Kamui Chalk, looking for 10 of this price around $25-28 a piece include shipping with in US.
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    WTB:Kamui Chalk

    Kamui will sell their Chalks again but only personal pick up in LV not for shippment. Anyone who's going to buy some of this? I need 10 of this. <<<Kamui™ Chalk is now available for BCAPL attendees! Dear Steven, Kamui™ has been known for products in which research and science have been...
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    WTB: Mc Daniel Lasy S cue

    Pm me if you have a MC Daniel Lasy S cue and willing to sell. Mint better new, must have full set custom ivory joint protecter Pic and price needed. Cash is ready.
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    WTB: Tim Scruggs tip

    Anyone who have Tim Scruggs tips pls pm pic and price. Is it only one hardness? need about 10 of this or more
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    WTB: Pre flag master and Blue diamond chalk

    WTB: Pre flag master and Blue diamond chalk Pls pm quantity and price.
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    Wtd:Jump cue money to spend $800

    want to buy a better or best jump cue, $800 to spend. PM pics and price with spec.
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    Wanted: Ginacue(Rainbow)

    Pls Pm your pics with price if you have similar Ginacue (used or new)