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  1. Kris_b1104

    Predator Z3 shaft

    The For Sale forum section seems to have nothing, I was wondering if anyone had a uniloc Z3 shaft that they're willing to let go of? Please PM me.
  2. Kris_b1104

    WTB: Predator Z3 Uniloc shaft

    Is anyone selling a Predator Z3 Uniloc shaft? Thanks.
  3. Kris_b1104

    Alex Brick Jump Break cue crossthreaded (help)

    Hey guys, I have an Alex Brick jump/break cue and the shaft connects perfectly when screwing in, however, the back part of the cue does not screw in at all anymore. I'm guessing it has crossthreaded. I'm talking about the back part of the cue that separates to turn it into a jump cue, or...
  4. Kris_b1104

    Besides 2013, was there ever a year that the Mosconi Cup didn't reach day 4?

    Going to Vegas this year to watch the Mosconi Cup, but only bought tickets to Day 4 due to work and vacation day conflicts, and I'm skeptical about it even going to a day 4. How are our chances looking?!?!!
  5. Kris_b1104

    Is Simmering Chin better than Skylard while Earl is at Mosconi Cup due to Zuglan?

    Hey guys I was wondering if the Fargo Rate would help decide if Earl should Siming Chen Mr. Woodward at the Turning Stone because it might be a shady rip-off of director for tournament. Also, does everyone use a jump cue? I thought it was just me.
  6. Kris_b1104

    Brand New Predator 314-3 Shaft

  7. Kris_b1104

    WTB Predator REVO Shaft 12.4 Uniloc

    Found one.
  8. Kris_b1104

    WTB REVO 12.4mm uniloc shaft

    Found one.
  9. Kris_b1104

    DIY Pocket Reducers?

    I have an 8 foot Brunswick with approximately 5 inch pockets. Has anyone had any success in making your own pocket reducers? I've contemplated these but they don't seem like they will make the pocket any tighter, well at least the opening of them...
  10. Kris_b1104

    Was Dennis Orcollo right by calling this foul? At the 13:25 mark, Kun-Lin Wu is bridging over the 8 ball and Dennis calls a foul on him even though a ref is present. The ref comes over and gives Dennis ball in hand. Isn't the shooter always right if a ref doesn't make a call? It's very hard to tell if his cue...
  11. Kris_b1104

    If I go to Cuba with a BeCue, can I use the Sosumi Sudo Masse or do I need a glove?

    Hello all, I am interest in performing the Sosumi Sudo Masse but was wonder if I need a Cuetec while wearing a glove at the Mosconi Cup or can I just use a BeCue technology sometimes? This will all be done in Cuba at the Turning Stone with a bunch of world beaters.
  12. Kris_b1104

    Yet another Mosco...Just Kidding. World 8 Ball series

    Anyone interested in this? January 2017 in New York. I wonder how many world class pros will show up seeing as their fellow pro Darren is running this and looks like a big prize fund.
  13. Kris_b1104

    Darren's Cue-throwing technique vs. Rodney's

    I feel like Darren had a much better pre-throw technique as opposed to Rodney. He also used more aggression whereas Rodney looked timid and gentle. Rodney does have the upper hand by throwing a total of 2 cues. Darren also used 2 hands to throw whereas Rodney used 1 hand to lay them down...
  14. Kris_b1104

    What's the biggest comeback in Mosconi Cup history?

    I know USA needs 8 to win. Has there ever been such a huge deficit and did the trailing team come back from it?
  15. Kris_b1104

    2017 Mosconi Cup: My APA team vs. team USA.

    This will be a more competitive exhibition. I believe in our captain and we have a bunch of strong 7's and some 3's that are really 5's. USA won't know what hit em'.
  16. Kris_b1104

    Inside Scoop: CJ Wiley to replace Mark Wilson as Mosconi Cup captain.

    Finally, the cup will be back on American soil using just a touch of inside.
  17. Kris_b1104

    Best way/product to clean Predator 314-2 shaft?

    Hello all, I've had my Predator shaft for almost 2-3 years and I've never done an intense detailing on it before, just the usual wipe-down with a microfiber cloth after play. What do you guys recommend to clean and get it looking as new as possible? All products and techniques are welcomed...
  18. Kris_b1104

    WTB: Looking for a Predator REVO shaft ONLY!

    I am interested in just the shaft alone as I already have a Uni-Loc butt.
  19. Kris_b1104

    Revo Shaft sold separately

    Does anyone in the business have some insight as to when the Predator REVO shaft will be sold separately? I can't justify spending a grand on an ugly cue just to get the shaft. However, I do have a Uni-Loc butt already so all I need is the shaft. It's been a while since it's release and no news yet.