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  1. mhilton777

    2021 Doug Patrick Cue

    Doug Patrick Custom Cue. Beautiful cue with very little play and no dents or Dings. Everything is straight. Butt - Curly maple forearm and butt. Ebony points with 5 veneers of alternating blue. Spearheads on points look like a dark abalone but not sure of the material. Butt sleeve is curly...
  2. mhilton777

    San Francisco Jan 29 - 30 - Anyone want to play?

    I am in San Francisco for work and I am wide open tomorrow night (29th) and Wednesday all afternoon and evening if anyone would like to play. I have ran and been involved with all of the member's tournaments. Just looking to play a little and not be stuck at the hotel. You can PM...
  3. mhilton777

    Predator Z3 5/16-14 Black Collar

    Predator Z3 shaft that is practically brand new. It was chalked and played with for 2 racks. The shaft looks brand new. Includes the original sleeve and Predator joint protector. Tip: Original Predator Medium Victory Length: 29" Weight: 3.35oz. Diameter at ferrule: 11.9mm $OLD shipped...
  4. mhilton777

    2003 Murray Tucker Cocobolo Player's Cue

    Beautifully figured Cocobolo solid nose cue that was built for me in 2003. There are a few dings in the butt of the cue as it has been my daily player since I received it. The ringwork is rare as Murray only made 2 or 3 cues with the maple dash ring work. The cue is signed Tucker 03 on the butt...
  5. mhilton777

    Stunning Gilbert Jump/Break

    Sean (cueaddicts) and I had been discussing cues this winter and I explained to him that I would like to have Andy Gilbert build me a jump/break cue that matched my Tucker that is being built. Sean managed to get the exact veneer selection that Murray was using and had Andy build the jump/break...
  6. mhilton777

    Brazilian Rosewood Barnhart Player

    Here is fantastic Brazilian Rosewood players cue made by Cory Barnhart. The cue has been played but there are no dings or marks that I can see on it. The cue has Cory's typical silver ring work. Price: SOLD including shipping and PayPal fees
  7. mhilton777

    Sugar Land, TX Dec 26-31st

    I will be escaping the great white north and heading to Houston to visit the in-laws Dec 26-31st. Are there any decent rooms in the area with 9 ft. tables or any AZ members in that area. I am interested in getting out to play some cheap 1 pocket while I am there. I have been up to Big Tyme in...
  8. mhilton777

    Traditional Steve Klein

    I received this Steve Klein 3 weeks ago from Joe Van (classiccues). The craftsmanship is unbelievable and the cue has a fantastic hit and feel to it. 4 cocobolo points with 4 veneers and an awesome elephant ear wrap. I will let the pictures do the talking!
  9. mhilton777

    Rusty Melton 2x4 case

    Here is a nearly perfect Rusty Melton 2x4 case. I acquired the case from Sean (cueaddicts) in February and it has only been out of my house a few times. It is in 95% original condition and is a gorgeous dark wine color. Looking for SOLD and PayPal only. Please let me know if you have any...
  10. mhilton777

    Whitten 1x2 Black Smooth Leather Case

    I am selling my black 1x2 smooth leather Whitten case. The case is about 15 years old and does show signs of wear but no real damage other than normal wear and tear. As you can see in the picture of the lid, the is a 1 inch, shallow cut. The plugs are in the shaft tubes but there is no plug in...
  11. mhilton777

    Verl Horn Balabushka Cue FS or Trade

    Verl Horn Balabushka Tribute Cue. I purchased this from AZ member Trigger earlier this year to use as my playing cue and shot with it for about a month. I then reacquired my Tucker that Murray built for me in 2003 so this has been sitting in the case since. Here are the specs: Ebony 4 point...
  12. mhilton777

    Diamond 7 Foot Smart Table

    Used Diamond 7 foot Smart Table for sale. In good overall condition. A couple small cosmetic blemishes from being moved but I would rate the table in excellent condition. The table was built with no coin mechanism. The Simonis 860 does show signs of wear but is not in need of immediate...
  13. mhilton777

    It's George 2x4 Leather Case

    SOLD pending payment. It's George 2x4 gray leather case in good condition. The case does show signs of use but is fully functional. The top seals air tight and the inside shows signs of blueing. A previous owner had engraved his name in the bottom of the case. No keys. $165 shipped in conus. Not...
  14. mhilton777

    Beautiful 2002 Skip Weston 8 pointer

    I purchased this cue from Joe Van in February and used it for about a month. With his permission, I am using his pics and description of the cue. The cue plays fantastic but I just don't use it since I found my Tucker I up for sale a little while back. The cue is near mint and looks like it just...