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  1. Craig Fales

    BHQ missing

    Thanks for the replies, he must have retired from here as well unfortunately.
  2. Craig Fales

    BHQ missing

    Does anyone know what's up with him? I haven't been on here as much lately so I'm not noticing things like I should.
  3. Craig Fales

    Go Pepsi go!!!

    I'm very happy that a pool tournament (The U.S. Open) has finally garnered the interest of an outside company. I hope this becomes a trend for the industry. With everything at a bad low this is a great boost when pool needs it most. *raises glass of Pepsi* CHEERS
  4. Craig Fales

    So I read yesterday's paper and....

    This is what I see, lolz.
  5. Craig Fales


  6. Craig Fales

    Mosconi cup stats

    Is there a site to see what each players statistics are?
  7. Craig Fales

    Real deal DPK? Is this a genuine DPK or not?
  8. Craig Fales

    Brazilian or BS

    Would you say this is brazilian rosewood or not. It has some straw colored sap wood.
  9. Craig Fales

    McDermott purpleheart cue

    Raffle canceled. Cue will be used for tomato stake service.
  10. Craig Fales

    McDermott purpleheart cue

  11. Craig Fales

    McDermott purpleheart cue

    The story I got with this cue is that it was a 'housecue' from Nick Varner's poolroom in Kentucky. I've owned it for around 20 years old and I don't use it at all anymore. It's solid purpleheart pin to bumper. I cored it out 12 inches from the butt in an effort to lighten it. It's now at 19.9...
  12. Craig Fales

    Unknown make sneaky for sale

    I've had this cue forever. The original shaft warped like a pretzel after 15 years of owning it. So I just got around to making a new one LOLz. $125.00/OBO 19.6 oz. 15.5 oz. butt ~ shaft 4.1 oz. 1.234" butt ~ .835" joint butt length is 28 11/16" (never measured the butt until just now) 29"...
  13. Craig Fales

    Get your tickets...don't get shut out!!!! Bargain basement pricing...
  14. Craig Fales

    Don't get shut out.... Not sure if this legit or not, but there it is.
  15. Craig Fales

    1986 Southwest
  16. Craig Fales

    1st Annual Kalamazoo Classic sounds like a good thing...
  17. Craig Fales

    Gus Szamboti

    Does someone on here have this listed??
  18. Craig Fales

    Wheelchair pool on TV now...

    My question is why do the balls have huge numbers on them??? ESPN Classic...
  19. Craig Fales

    Chu-Chu Chen update...

    I don't know if anyones seen this article yet... ________
  20. Craig Fales

    Tours and tournaments

    I was just curious as to why they aren't being updated...some are two years old....:( ________