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  1. Scratch85

    Ruslan Chinakhov

    I was just watching DeLuna vs Chinakhov in the 2019 WPA Players Championship and it got me thinking. I have seen/heard little about Chinakhov since his 2019-2020 seasons. I hear about how Russia’s recent aggressions against Ukraine has affected Gorst and Tkatch but I never hear about Ruslan. Is...
  2. Scratch85

    Mosconi Cup - viewers choice matches

    Anyone heard anything about what might happen, if Earl was chosen as one or both of the viewers choice matches? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Scratch85

    McDermott Defy vault plate cracked

    I have been playing with a Defy CF shaft, since April of this year. I noticed this weekend that the gray vault plate has cracked and actually chipped away. I’m not sold on continuing to use the Defy as my go to player but I am definitely going to get it fixed. My question is, Is this a repair...
  4. Scratch85

    Defy shaft with Navigator Soft tip

    I am about to enter the cf shaft world. I have not hit any of the brands but, since I play with McDermotts, have decided to try a Defy first. I currently play a 314-2, with a LePro tip. I like the hard hit of the LePro and think I want a single layer tip for the Defy but am not sure. Do the cf...
  5. Scratch85

    What is it called?

    Is there an agreed upon name for the format of the Predator One Pool virtual tournament? The format of 15 points for BNR, 1 point per ball for BIH option and 0 points on dry break. Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
  6. Scratch85

    Billiards on TV

    I was very surprised to get home from work and find my DVR recording billiards! It appears ELVN, DirectTV channel 623, is running the 2019 Predator World 10 Ball Championship. Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
  7. Scratch85

    Gotta come clean . . . best tip tool for me

    I’ve heard all the arguments about the best tip tools blah blah blah. I’ve owned most all of them. Just finished using the “Last 4 Ever” tip tool. The best tip tool to have in your case, in your pocket, in your truck is hands down. . . the Willard’s tool! Without a doubt, the best...
  8. Scratch85

    Playing position for side pockets

    Looking for opinions. For a long time, it has been said, “don’t play position for the side pockets.” Or at least a version of that. Maybe more accurate is, “only play position for side pockets, when you are certain of good position.” This seems to be more true on slower tables and softer...
  9. Scratch85

    Players you miss

    This may be an odd tribute to strong players that we hear little about lately but the Dechaine thread got me thinking. Who are strong players that you miss? I am a fan of the “Smooth Criminal” Chris Bartram. I could watch him step in the box anytime. Hard core competitor. But seems to have...
  10. Scratch85

    Help identifying a Joss cue

    This is the typical, "Can someone help me identify this cue?" thread and may be more suited for another forum but I am not familiar with the others. I do not have pictures and am hoping to get a model or "when/where manufactured" type guess. The butt has "Joss Cues" at bottom, not on the...
  11. Scratch85

    20 Tips for Improving Your Game

    PoolDawg sends out e-mails periodically that have instruction from their PoolDawg Academy. I always find them interesting and take the time to read them. Today's e-mail was titled "20 Tips for Improving Your Game." Tip #7 is: "When you need to send an object ball along the rail with speed...