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  1. argonath

    Im looking for a billiard hero... someone who has or is making a difference

    Hey AZ'ers - The publication I write for is holding a contest (substantial cash prizes) for articles we write on heroes in any and all classifications. I am looking for any ideas or people who know of someone worthy of being recognized for their contributions in the sport, with fellow...
  2. argonath

    I got to meet and (lose) to Rodney Morris today

    Rodney was out at Skip and Jans today with the UPA staff and I got invited to attend, meet everyone, and play a few games against him. Great guy, and was a fun afternoon. Argonath
  3. argonath

    Weekly pool tournaments in West Phoenix

    For those out on the West side of Phoenix, things are starting to pick up for weekly tourneys at a couple of bars. The Clubhouse Sports Bar and Grill just recovered and re-did the panels on their pool tables, and they shoot very nice now. Its a small setup with just two tables, but its a...
  4. argonath

    With Great sadness, the Northern Lounge in Glendale is Closing its Doors Argonath
  5. argonath

    Anyone here ever played Novuss or Koroona? Argonath
  6. argonath

    New England 9-Ball Series Begins 2010/2011 Season Argonath
  7. argonath

    Amsterdam Billiard Club Hosts the New York City Pinball League Argonath
  8. argonath

    For those interested... there is an online auction of billiard bar Equipment Today Argonath
  9. argonath

    2010 BCAPL Southwest Regional Championships Late Entry Deadlines Extended Argonath
  10. argonath

    Breakaway Bar and Billiards in Cape Girardeau Receives Downtown Revitalization Award Argonath
  11. argonath

    Jonas Brothers Show Their Custom Pool Table to Fans in a Home Video Walkthrough Argonath
  12. argonath

    Was the Game of Billiards the Inspiration Behind Much of Mozart's Composing? Argonath
  13. argonath

    Leave it to the Brits - The All-In-One Pool Table that Provides Its Own Lighting Argonath
  14. argonath

    Recreation Billiards Leading the Way in Bringing Back Winston-Salem Nightlife. Argonath
  15. argonath

    Exhibition Today at Amsterdam Billiards Club Featuring Four of the Best Players

    Please delete if this is a duplicate (didnt see it listed anywhere). Argonath
  16. argonath

    Arizona Pool League (AZPL) State Championships to Take Place at Stinger's Aug 27-29 Argonath
  17. argonath

    Bartender at Mickey's Billiards and Pizzeria Donates $800 to Charity Fundraiser Argonath
  18. argonath

    Billiard Hall Owner and Professional Player Frank McGown Dies in Billings, Montana Argonath
  19. argonath

    Examiner Interview with Jerry Tarantola of the

    Part 1 Part 2 Argonath
  20. argonath

    Billiards in Literature Argonath