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  1. steev

    VNEA rules question

    Open table: call 11 in corner and safety. Are you then stripes? My opinion: this represents two calls and is invalid. Must call a ball or safety, but not both. Ruling? -s
  2. steev

    Earl v MD, was it a bad hit?

    Just that simple. Kick on the 1, did he hit the 9 first? If you were watching you know the shot I'm referring to. -s
  3. steev

    WTB Diamond rack.

    Just like the title says. Used is ok, as long as it's not in bad shape. -s
  4. steev

    League scheduling software?

    Hi. We're trying to make a balanced, home-and-away schedule for a weekly league. Can anyone point me to software or resources to achieve this? Key issues: multiple venues, some with multiple teams which can't both be playing @home the same week. Desire: a balanced home/away round robin...
  5. steev

    Pro bar table 8-ball.

    Like most of the US, I play primarily 8 ball on a bar table. It's a game just about everyone can understand, on some level. Playing tonight, I got in stroke for a while and was playing pretty quickly. I always enjoy playing at 'full speed', much more than playing more slowly. This got me...
  6. steev

    WTB maintenance arbor 3/8-14

    Like the title says, I need a maintenance set for 3/8-14. My Omega/DPK needs minor repair work and my local guy doesn't have the arbor to get it on the lathe. Last time I needed a tip, he tried using a 3/8x10, I barely caught him before damage was done... -s
  7. steev

    John Barton is right about everything.

    There, I said it. Now you don't have to defend yourself anymore. Please take a break from trolling for arguments and stupid bets in every thread. -s
  8. steev

    McDermott C-1 value.

    Anyone wanna guess what a near-mint C-1 is worth? Three shafts, two UNPLAYED. Thanks for your input :) -s Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
  9. steev

    World 8 ball - Raj H runs out a set, Mika runs out 15 racks in a row!

    Just wondered if anyone else had seen this. More interesting then CTE... The last 7 of Mika's run were against defending champ Karl Boyes. -s
  10. steev

    Bartrum/Orcullo last night

    I fell asleep. Who won the race to 31? thanks, -s
  11. steev

    My aiming system: the Waterboy system.

    I've been reading aiming threads for some time now. It got me to thinking, 'how DO i aim?' Now I've read and understand all the methods, but don't use them. Instead, I've got my 'waterboy' system (thanks, henry winkler's character). Step 1: Visualize. Step 2: Attack. I know it's time to...
  12. steev

    VNEA league scoring question.

    Situation: open table, one solid and three stripes down. Player makes the 8-ball. What is the score? I think I know the answer, but can't find a rule book to verify. -s
  13. steev

    WTB: Gold Crown score counters

    I'm posting this for a friend. He has a Brunswick table with the score counters missing. Anyone care to sell me a set, or point me to where I can find them? thanks. -s
  14. steev

    Visied the Betmore annex today.

    I went for my semi-non-regular 14.1 whooping today. The basement wasn't available, so we played at the Betmore annex (location undisclosed). I put up a better fight, but the food and company may have been better than my playing. Tangentially, a big thanks to our (undisclosed) host! Very cool...
  15. steev

    Race to 1 eightball.

    Our local tournaments are generally race to one, double elimination. Since we're on a barbox, this means a lot of runuots. I like it because it really becomes a game of mistakes, i.e. you make one, you're probably gonna lose. It's also good for the tournament in a couple of ways. Lesser...
  16. steev

    McDermott C-1 interest?

    I am working on a deal which includes a pristine C-1 Mcdermott. This cue has 3 shafts, two of which appear to be unplayed. The third shaft is in excellent (98+%) condition. Anyone interested in this cue (or have a good value estimate)? If I had a proper value for this cue I would have some...
  17. steev

    Where to play on vacay - Pittsburgh, Columbus

    Hi all. Goin on a road trip next week. Someone wanna tell me where's a good place in either Pittsburgh or Columbus? I'm not looking for action, just to play mostly. Well, maybe a little action, but cheap :). 8/17-18 Pittsburgh 8/19 Columbus -s
  18. steev

    Observations from watching wimbledon re: pool

    Why aren't pro pool tournaments seeded? If everyone could start agreeing on a world ranking, I think the similarity to tennis would make it easier to understand for 'viewers'. Also, we could use a nice long race (say, to 13, 2-ahead? 3-ahead?) to make the match a nice 'tv viewable' length...
  19. steev

    LD Shafts as a training tool.

    Hi. I've been thinking about something for the last couple of days. I'll put it up here for your thoughts. I'm a B player. Ok, so I got an OB-1 a couple of months ago, and have been diligently working on playing with it. What I noticed most was that it revealed when my stroke was off...
  20. steev

    Scruggs SP 2 shafts

    I've got to sell this. Bills are taking priority. TS Sneaky Pete Butt: 15.1oz Shaft 1: 12.6mm, 3.9oz, ivory ferrule, 99% condition, unknown tip w/pad Shaft 2: 13.1+mm, 3.8oz, not made by tim, well used I've played a lot with the 'ugly' shaft, and I like the way it plays. The TS shaft is too...