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  1. irish

    Pechauer PS18

    This is most likely a long shot. Are the any Pechauer PS18 with an 5/16 x 14 SS joint? I should have never sold mine.. Thanks, John
  2. irish

    Wanted Richard Black cue

    Hello, I am looking for another Richard Black cue. I want an ebony black baron, I know there are a few out there. However, I will look at most blacks. Thank, John
  3. irish

    For sale Whitten 2x4 case.

    For sale is my Whitten 2x4 case lite, jump cue pocket in large pocket. Black leather and ostrich. The first week I had the case, someone at my local pool hall spilled a beer on the top lid. It has stained the ostrich just a bit. If you look close you can see the color difference. To fix this...
  4. irish

    For Sale Schon CX69

  5. irish

    All ebony Southwest

    sold Sold.........................
  6. irish

    New Southwest Cue

    Let the drooling begin. This is a brand new 9pt SW. I have waited about 10 years for this cue. Thanks for drooling!
  7. irish

    Price for a SW new cue.... For Sale?

    cue is gone.....
  8. irish

    4 Sale Jerry Rauenzahn cue

    Hi All, I got an email from Laurie Franklin the other day. So I need to sell a cue to make room. Up for sale is my Jerry Rauenzahn cue. Four points, ebony into BEM. Eboy butt with windows. The pictures will show all the inlays. All white is ivory just not the butt cap. S/S half joint with...
  9. irish

    Steve Klein

    Got the new Klein today. This cue is awesome! The pictures suck, sorry guys. Cue is really nice, it plays just as nice! Great Work Steve, thank you! :grin-square::grin-square::grin-square::grin-square::grin-square:
  10. irish

    Guess the cue maker?

    This is my new cue in the works.. Any ideas on who it is? Thanks for looking, John
  11. irish

    F/S: Capone Custom

    For Sale: Mike Capone Custom Cue See Pictures Below. 3 shafts: 1 tiger (12.5) and Two Capone shafts one of which is a Mike Capone low deflection shaft (both 13mm). There is a small nick in the but cap, other then that the cue is perfect. Leather wrap, Radial Pin, S/S joint (Full) 19.4...
  12. irish

    F/S: Predator Fat Shaft

    Predator Fat Shaft for sale: It has a few racks on it and has a little bluing. Not much though. I will take some pictures of it later 5/16 x 14 and has a Kamui black soft tip, made for my Jerry -R- to match ring work. (Shaft was matched by Jerry.) Asking SOLD shipped. 21mm at the joint...
  13. irish

    Johnny Archer and Nick Varner Exibition

    Posting this for my good friends Russ and Kevin (Crown Billiards)! Johnny Archer and Nick Varner Exibition Only Bay Area Appearance Monday April 27th, 7:30 pm Crown Billiards in San Ramon $15 at the door Crown Billiards 925-725-3900
  14. irish

    New Whitten Case. WOW!

    Something New added to the collection! Just thought I would share. Thanks, John
  15. irish

    New Cue form Jerry Rauenzahn (Review)

    Here is the Cue Gallery thread. Just thought I would give Jerry props on making a wonderful players cue! This thing hits wonderful! Hits just great, no other way to explain it! Its a half joint so it hits like a SS joint, just...
  16. irish

    Predator Shaft Questions!

    Hey Guys! I am looking for a Predator Break Shaft for a Ned Morris cue. Joint is a 3/8 x 10. Predator BK2 Shaft only! Got a little upset last night and put a nice healthy ding in Ned?s shaft! More like Pit, hole and or crater! Questions: Do they make one? How much? Where can I get it? You know...
  17. irish

    testing new avatar

    testing my new avatar. Thanks, John
  18. irish

    Mike Capone

    I just have to say, Mike Capone is a kick ass cue builder! Super easy to work with and on top of it all makes a kick ass cue! Thanks Mike, keep up the fantastic work! John
  19. irish

    Booking Rooms and plane rides!

    Hey Guys! For those of you who are going to this wonderful event! The MGM Grand has a kick but deal on rooms. If you are like me and everything is done online, they have a screaming deal. When booking online they have a Promo package "No Regrets" Translation; Cheap Ass Room! You know it?s...
  20. irish

    New Cue form Jerry Rauenzahn

    New cue in the works! Just thought I would share with all the AZers! Thank for looking! Cue: 4 pts 4 vnrs (wht, grn, blu & blk) Ivory inlay in each point (diamonds) Ring work at ABCD & E Black Leather wrap Ebony Butt w/ windows same as points (veneers & inlay)