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    WTB a Robert Weir cue

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    Meucci Original "Star of David" cue FS, Way Too Cheap?

    This is not my cue but it caught my eye. Located somewhere in TX.
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    Possible Coker with 2 shafts cue for sale. unknown garage find?

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    Really old Huebler cue, very cheap

    This is not my cue, but noticed it for sale on CL in the Richmond, VA area and thought I'd post it...$40
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    FS: Ebony point, good bit of Ivory Schon $300

    Seen this on CL around the Greensboro, NC area, thought I'd share
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    FS: Possible David Howard, decent project cue near Atlanta are

    FS: Star Of David cue, decent project cue near Atlanta are ...........................
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    FS: Predator P3

    For Sale, well used, but straight, Predator P3 player, 314-2 shaft, leather wrap, new Kamui clear tip, will ship regular ground for an extra $15. SOLD SOLD
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    Usually Unique HUEBLER cue

    Huebler FS, Noticed this on fleabay, just curious if anyone out there had any thoughts or info..
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    Jerry Olivier Ivory cue

    Make a reasonable offer, it needs to go....
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    Ivory Jerry Olivier,

    Let's try this again. For Sale, per the link below, is my personal cue. Please send all questions either per pm or text the number given on the posting! SOLD SOLD SOLD Thanks for looking Scott, 704-909-9305
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    Anyone know this "wanna be"?

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    Ivory Jerry Olivier

    Just throwing this out there....Got a nice Jerry Olivier, looks to be cocobolo forearm and sleeve, I'm 100% certain that the points and inlays in the arm are all ivory, all inlays in the sleeve are ivory and the butt cap is ivory as well. For some unknown reason, the previous owner changed the...
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    Tim Scruggs Hoppe cue!

    This is not my cue, just happened to see it while browsing and thought it needed some attention!
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    Huebler custom worth checking out near Chicago!

    Seen this on craigslist in Chicago, and thought someone may be interested...
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    Meucci Gambler , new model cue CHEAP

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    Dennis Searing shaft for $100?

    This is not my shaft, but noticed it, and thought I'd share it.
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    Huebler Cue Feeler, 4 ebony points, Ivory diamonds

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    WTB: Bob Weir cue

    Looking for a Bob/Robert Weir player cue, doesn't have to be perfect, but should have one original shaft and decently straight, and atleast 12.75mm or bigger!
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    Unknown cue on fleabay worth looking at!

    This not my cue, but thought it may peak some interest for some of you!
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    Unknown cue, possibly for sale!

    Here's a custom cue and extra shaft I purchased off of flea bay within 1 hour of opening auction. The first thing I noticed was the 5/16-14 pin and the ringwork. Any ideas on who might be the maker? I plan to have Steve Klapp perform surgery on it, aka full refinish, and put it up for sale...