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  1. RRfireblade

    Ball set ID

    That could have been dirty. I know one of y'all can ID this ball set pretty easily. Someone gave them to me the other day, yard sale find, they look hardly used. What is they be? Tia.
  2. RRfireblade

    Meucci SE IX

    Meucci SE9, ~1990's second run I think. Excellent Condition. 1 Shaft, 19oz. This cue had a new wrap done by Ryan of RatCues about 10 years ago, and hasn't been played since. $750 OBO
  3. RRfireblade

    Working on my break.....

  4. RRfireblade

    Figured out whats held pool back oh these many years....

    No big time, cross over , "funny", endlessly syndicated motion pictures. Caddyshack/Tin Cup, Kingpin, Major League(s), The Replacements and many others....
  5. RRfireblade

    Interesting pool story....

    Hitting balls at my local room the other day and.....
  6. RRfireblade

    Learning how to win...?

    I play with a number of guys that have alot of potential. However it seems they don't "know how to win" if that makes sense. There seems to be alot of common mistakes that many of them make, things like jumping up and running to the table when they think they have an out, all crazy anxious...
  7. RRfireblade

    Happy Holiday All !

    Have a great one everyone. Who is doing what, playing pool? Hanging with rents? Playing Easter Bunny? We actually do an early morning thing then its going to be off to the pool room in a bit for a little Tourny. ;)
  8. RRfireblade

    Near Mint Meucci SE-9 #530

    This cue had a wrap and refinish done by Ryan at Meulers/Rat Cues a few years ago and has not been played since. It's pretty dang near perfect for a 20+ year old cue. Rolls straight together and apart. Wood to Wood Joint. Solid maple shaft. NOT a dot shaft. Not sure of the exact year as there...
  9. RRfireblade

    Fancy Cue VS Playing Cues

    Props to Chris Nitti for winning the ICCS pool tourny druing the show last week. Not a shabby field , coming out on top over Mike Massey and some other notable players. Don't be fooled into thinking that these show cues are not great playing cues ! (Really just a thinly veiled...
  10. RRfireblade

    Worthless Rep....

    I realize rep is nothing more than pretty green highlights next to your avey but..... How the heck is BStroud still full on green ? :confused:
  11. RRfireblade

    How would you play Lock N Load, 9 ball race to 11 games for the cheese?

    Meaning how much weight you would want to play him in this match? For you to have a good chance to win? Many Regards, RRFireblade.
  12. RRfireblade

    None of your business......

    Or is it ? :) Is pool/billiards/etc part of your "business" and if so , in what way ? Is a primary source of income or a sideline? That kind of thing. Interested in knowing the connection to the game of our esteemed members, not always obvious by screen name or sigs alone. Thanks. :)
  13. RRfireblade

    Where da teachers..... TAT questions. ;)

    TAT, yea I just made that up. Figured everyone else is just making stuff up so why not me. Anyway.... That is not an aim question persay , more of a physiological one and I'm curious if/how this has been address in pool. TAT= Total Aim Time. I do alot of other activities where aiming is not...
  14. RRfireblade

    Trick Shot Magic...

    ... On ESPN right now. I swear I dont mean any disrepect or insult but.... Has this become the most embarrasing bastardization of the term "Trick Shot" in the entire history of the game? Bouncing rubber balls , rediculous time sequenced shots.... I mean stroke skill and any assemblance of...
  15. RRfireblade

    Aim Question....NOT AIM SYSTEMS. :)

    I honestly take no side either way on the staggering amount of aim system controversy that has ravaged this forum for such a long time now. I'm firmly in the 'what ever works' camp. The obsession with the topic however is pretty interesting, I pop in and out of the forum from time to time and...
  16. RRfireblade

    What the heck happened here?

    I come and go here from time to time and when I check back in what do I see? You all let the next troll of the week turn all your panties in a wad?! I haven't seen this kinda uproar since a certain cuetech wielding closet player had his way with the place. At least those we're somewhat...
  17. RRfireblade

    'Nother Cue ID Thread

    Pics suck I know but anyway. Looking for some info on this cue. Been told a few things and just trying to see what ya'll might know or add. Thanks in adavance. :)
  18. RRfireblade

    1 Pocket

    Where's the 1P guys ? I got a question. :)
  19. RRfireblade

    Best Set to prove winner ?

    We were have a little discussion while playing the other night. Basically the debate was over the best type of set to prove a better player. Some thought a long race , some thought an ahead set , some thought maybe a combination of those or the addition of a time limit. Some ideas thrown around...
  20. RRfireblade

    Reverse pool . . .

    Are there any 'standard' reverse pool rules listed anywhere ? Generally we play an 8 ball style but there seems to be alot of variations especiallly on the details (break, scratches, combos, etc). Anyone play ? Anyone know ? Thanks, Jay.