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  1. ragbug74

    Pool Room For Sale - NW Indiana

    16+ year established all-ages pool room for sale in Portage, IN. (11) Valley 7' tables (2) Brunswick Gold Crown 9' tables All furnishings (tables, stools, table lights, pictures/wall hangings, etc) Pro-shop (cues & supplies) Beverage cooler Pop Machine Candy machines (2) dart machines Great...
  2. ragbug74

    WTB: Sardo rack "hard" case

    I've got a Sardo rack (or two) laying around, but I've never run into a hard case for them. Anyone have one laying around collecting dust? I don't need the rack, just the case. If you have one, take it easy on's a rough economy out there...... Thanks, Mark.
  3. ragbug74

    WANTED: Turning Stock/Wood

    I'm looking to stock up on some different types of wood. I have a few things in mind, but am open to just about anything to stock up on. I'd be interested in some goncalo alves, tulipwood, hollywood, rosewood, and cocobolo. In particular, I'm looking for the holly and tulipwood in lengths up...
  4. ragbug74

    Burton Spain Literature Scans

    Here's some old Burton Spain literature I scanned. Unfortunately, there's no type of date anywhere on any of it. If anyone could help identify the timeframe of the brochure, I'd appreciate it. Full resolution JPG's available via e-mail.
  5. ragbug74

    Tan Real Ostrich Leg Leather Wrap Blank - Pricing Needed

    UPDATE: Looking for a tan piece of regular ostrich leather (with the bumps). PM with any info. Thanks! I have a customer who may be interested in a tan real ostrich leg leather wrap on a cue. He asked me to look into pricing of such wrap. If anyone has one available, please PM me pricing...
  6. ragbug74

    Fellini Picture/Pricing Literature Scans

    Basically, a photograph with a sticker containing pricing information on the back. Full resolution scans available via e-mail.....
  7. ragbug74

    Joss Cues West Literature Scans

    Thanks again to Frankenstroke for the classic literature. If anyone can help with a date of this brochure, please post it. Full resolution scans available via e-mail.
  8. ragbug74

    Centennial Case Literature Scans

    My buddy Frankenstroke gave me some old cue and case literature he had laying around. I figured I'd scan a few from time to time and post them. I know this is the cue gallery section, but there's not a cue case section, so here goes......full scan JPG's available via e-mail......
  9. ragbug74

    New Year's Day Shop Project:Custom JP

    Natural cork, factory original "Asti" and "Martini" labeling, press-fit maple 3/8-10 insert.
  10. ragbug74

    Cue ID Help Please.......

    I have a buddy who has this cue and we're trying to figure out what brand it is. The pictures aren't the greatest, but hopefully someone will be able to identify the maker. The forearm is a nicely figured piece of birdseye with a cocobolo ring above the "A" joint. Irish linen wrap. Nice...
  11. ragbug74

    WTB: Tan Ostrich Print Leather Wrap Blank

    As the title says, I'm looking for a tan (or light brown) ostrich leg print leather wrap blank, maybe a few. PM prices and availability. Looking for the style of the one marked "sold" in this thread: Thanks!
  12. ragbug74

    Cue ID Help Please......

    A buddy of mine has these cues and I was wondering if anyone can help identify their brand and/or timeframe. Nothing great here, just an old Mizerak cue and what I think may be an old Adams. The first picture is the logo on the Mizerak cue. The second picture is what I think may be an old...
  13. ragbug74

    Good deal on a GC near Chicago

    Looks like a decent condition older GC for a good price. I have no interest in it, just figured I'd pass on the info to anyone in the area...
  14. ragbug74

    Rolling at the Turning Stone

    Hey girl, great job in your first few matches at Turning Stone! You seem to be playing great pool lately. Look out WPBA tour this year! It was nice to visit with you at the DCC. Hope to see you and the rest of the WPBA back in Michigan City later this summer.
  15. ragbug74

    Pool Ball Jewelry Thread Help

    A few weeks ago (?), someone posted a thread with a link to a webpage with jewelry (earings, rings) made from pool balls. I've searched the forums and can't locate the thread/link. Can anyone help me out finding such website? Thanks!
  16. ragbug74

    Looking for Meucci 97-26

    I have a buddy who is looking to replace a cue he had in the past....a Meucci 97-26 model. If anyone has one they would be interested in moving, please let me know the details such as condition, price, etc. Thanks!
  17. ragbug74

    Red Shoes Billiards - Alsip, IL

    Hey, just thought I'd post this as Frankenstroke and I just returned from Red Shoes after playing a few hours of 9-ball and one-pocket. It's been several months since we've been there, but when we arrived this evening, we were greeted at the counter with "the bar is open"....they now have a...
  18. ragbug74

    Railbird Videos

    I ran across a couple of VHS tapes I purchased a few years back, I believe off eBay. They are "Railbird Videos, copyright 2003". I have one entitled West Coast One-Pocket - Cornbread vs. Strawberry and one entitled Backers Bet $1000 A Game - Efren vs. Grady. Both tapes are home video footage...
  19. ragbug74

    FS: Hightower Book & Videos

    Please see thread in the "Ask The Cuemakers Forum":
  20. ragbug74

    FS: Hightower Book & Videos

    I have a copy of Chris Hightower's "The Cue Building Book", second edition copyrighted in 2005 and VHS tapes "Basic Cue Building And Repair Video" and "Advanced Cue Building: Points & Inlays" for sale. The book is very clean with no noticed markings. This copy is in better shape than mine as...