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  1. VIProfessor

    Horrors! Spirit Airlines and cues!

    This is my first time flying Spirit Airlines, and my heart told me not to trust them with my cues! How do you lose a bag on a nonstop flight from St. Thomas to Orlando??!! I guess Racks in Sanford won't be seeing me tonight! 😡😢 Praying that they are found, and warning all players...leave Spirit...
  2. VIProfessor

    Any AZB'ers in Fort Lauderdale?

    Am in Ft. Lauderdale for a couple days, and I always like to meet my fellow fanatics anytime I go somewhere. Will be at Corner Pockets this afternoon/evening. Anyone up for hitting some balls and playing some cheap sets or 14.1 games?
  3. VIProfessor

    Why aren't more of the good instructional books in ebook format?

    Since I'm foolish enough to lend out instructional books, I find myself having to replace them every so often. I am dismayed, though, to find that Most of the great books published over the last couple decades (such as Capelle's, Henning's and now Wilson's books, are not sold in e-book format...
  4. VIProfessor

    Many thanks and 'Nuff respect to Sho 'Nuff and AZB'er Flex!

    I'm visiting the DC area and had the honor and pleasure to hit balls for a couple hours with Brandon Shuff at First Break Billiards. I can't begin to say how much I enjoyed playing and conversing with this great player and, more importantly, this fine gentleman! He gave me some great advice that...
  5. VIProfessor

    Call shot rules question

    Here's the situation: In a tournament match presided over by a referee, a player is lining up on a ball hanging in the corner pocket and calls "14 in the corner". In reality, however, he has called the wrong number and the ball is actually the 15. Does the referee declare his turn over, or does...
  6. VIProfessor

    Can a player make a call in this situation?

    Here's the situation: The two top guns for the teams in the finals of the league championship are playing in a crucial match (the team score is tied 6-6 in a race to nine matches). The match is being presided over by a referee and is thus all ball fouls. Player A touched an object ball while...
  7. VIProfessor

    Break shot question!

    I was playing some straights last night, and I was on a 42-ball run and was playing perfectly--going through the racks the right way, landing perfect on the break balls and feeling like this was going to be the big 100-ball run. I got to the break ball, and noticed that the tangent line was...
  8. VIProfessor

    What if?----An idea to link professional and amateur pool

    After a few months of reading and participating in discussions about why there is such a poor market for men's professional pool, I have come to an obvious but important conclusion. The obvious place to look for the fan base is in the amateur leagues. There are hundreds of thousands of players...
  9. VIProfessor

    'The Hustler' on now on TCM network

    It just started 15 minutes ago, and I tuned in just in time for " the church of the good hustler."
  10. VIProfessor

    Congrats to James Winter!

    Congrats to Jim for his stellar performance at the Hollywood Billiards tournament this last weekend. He posts here regularly, but I don't know if he wants his forum name mentioned. Cornerman, are you checking this out? Our UMASS pool buddy is hitting 'em pretty straight?
  11. VIProfessor

    TCOM on now--ESPN Classic

    Once again, The Color of Money is starting now on ESPN Classic. For us addicts who just can't resist televised stuff about our sport, it's another little fix.
  12. VIProfessor

    Nick Varner vs. Efren Reyes on now on ESPN Classic!

    This is the 1994 U.S. Open finals, when Efren was still "Mr. Second Place"!
  13. VIProfessor

    Gabe Owen and Kid Delicious on ESPN Classic now!

    This is the 2005 UPA Pro Tour Championship Loser's side finals. Action!
  14. VIProfessor

    Nck Varner vs. Tony Ellin (1994 C.O.C.) on ESPN Classic now!

    Can't lose with this one! Nick in his prime (during that period he was as dominant as anyone has been in the modern era) and the always dangerous Tony Ellin (RIP) are in the box! You should see the cut Tony just made on the 9-ball!
  15. VIProfessor

    1993 PBT -Earl vs. Bustamante on ESPN Classic now!

    Yep, you got it! Earl at his peak and a young Busta in action!
  16. VIProfessor

    Does anyone know a guy named Alfredo from NY?

    There's some guy that is reportedly on St. Thomas by the name of Alfredo (no last name provided), and the line on him is that he's a champion (runs 200+ balls, etc.) who hails from the NYC area. I thought I knew about most of the top players in that area, and the only person I could think of...
  17. VIProfessor

    1993 U.S. Open (Archer vs. Sigel) on ESPN Classic now!

    Yep, it's on! Mike before he became "The Mouth", and Johnny before he became so conservative!
  18. VIProfessor

    Dog City with Efren and Crosby at the WPC!

    Here in St. Thomas the youngbloods have a saying, "Pressure does bust pipe." If you want to see proof that this saying is true, take a look at the WPC match between Efren and Tony Crosby now showing on Fox Sports Network. The match aired an hour ago on another regional network, and without...
  19. VIProfessor

    "The Hustler" is playing now on TCM!

    Get your VCR's and DVR's out! The classic pool movie, "The Hustler" is playing now on Turner Classic Movies! IMHO, it's the greatest pool film of all time.
  20. VIProfessor

    Looking for the 411

    We've talked often about how to seek information on a player on this forum without knocking their game to God and the world. Here's my try. During the recent DCC, there were reports on the DCC forum about a player out of Orlando who was in action with Scooter. That player will be on St. Thomas...