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  1. sixwillwin

    Dynasphere balls

    Got a set 6 months ago or so. I am not a guy to compare ball set quality or even care to much. I have a nice Centennial set and a Cyclops. I will say 100% that this Dynasphere ball set stays CLEAN! Rarely ever see chalk or pocket liner marks on them. yes this using the same chalks on all...
  2. sixwillwin

    Beware of username "Jesus is King"

    Happens way too much here. Again to me. He offered a cue to me that he had for sale, same as I was looking for. I offered him a low price and he accepted using CashApp only. I googled his description and pics of cue and found EXACT wording and pics from a 2014 ad on AZ! I told him paypal...
  3. sixwillwin

    WTB Orange Crusher break cue from Mike G

    same as title reads thanks
  4. sixwillwin

    WTB Orange Crusher break cue by MIKE GULYASSY

    Same as title says
  5. sixwillwin

    WTB: Gulyassy Orange Crusher break cue

    as title states WTB
  6. sixwillwin

    Which is which tip?

    My break shafts. One is a phenolic tip the other is the Samsara super hard leather tip. Which is which? Thanks
  7. sixwillwin

    Mezz cue with Hybrid Pro 2 shaft. Opinions from users please

    Was offered a trade for my Samsara with Tru Shaft for a Mezz ec7 with Hybrid Pro 2 shaft. I dont know anything about that cue or shaft. It looks to be a solid wood LD shaft, possibly similar to the Samsara? looking for users with history and/or reviews of it. Thanks!!!
  8. sixwillwin

    BD cues shaft SS360/2 radial

    Bob Danielson low deflection shaft. SS360/2 radial pin. I bought brand new directly from Bob in April 2018. I’ve only kept it as a spare and probably shot less than 20 racks with it. Great shape. No issues. 12.75mm 3.7 ozs. $160 plus shipping Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
  9. sixwillwin

    Samsara playing cue with TrueShaft

    Bocote Blues Samsara True Color 316 cue. 5 Ebony points. Blue and a Purple curly maple points veneers. Bocote forearm. SS joint. Radial pin. Black Ebonized butt sleeve with coordinated rings. Black leather wrap. 12.7 Samsara True Shaft. Newer SIB medium tip. Made in the USA!!! 3 very small...
  10. sixwillwin

    Diamond Pro Am 9’

    For sale: Diamond 9’ pool table. $4100 Selling this beautiful Diamond 9 foot pool table. Pro-am model. 1 piece slate. This table is the original Dymondwood which is no longer available. 7 months ago: recovered, new pocket facings and tweaked to perfection by Diamond trained table mechanic...
  11. sixwillwin

    Lucasi Big Beulah 2 and Air Hog

    SOLD>>>>>>>>Lucasi Big Beulah 2 break pool cue. Used but near perfect/perfect condition. Weight adjustable. Phenolic tip and ferrule. $250 Still have for sale>>>>>>Air Hog, has the silver/gray shaft. Barely used and great condition! One small flaw/chip in finish near joint. $75 I will pay...
  12. sixwillwin

    Diamond pocket angles ?

    I have a 2007ish red label proam 9 foot diamond table. I have had it one year. I was told by seller/Diamond authorized mechanic, that he had redone the rails etc. Make it similar to Blue Label (unsure). It plays great except for: Balls seem to hang up in the corner pockets and rebound across...
  13. sixwillwin

    Cuetec R360 with 2 shafts, new tips

    Cuetec R360 playing cue with 2 shafts. Very good condition. Both shafts have BRAND NEW milk dud tips from Keith Hanssen. Butt weighs 14.5 oz and is weight adjustable. Shaft 1 is 12.5 mm tip and weighs 3.56 oz. Shaft 2 is 11.3 mm tip and weighs 3.10 oz. Included is matching Cuetec joint...
  14. sixwillwin

    McDermott cue

    McDermott playing cue. Barely used. Very good condition. Very nice looking and hitting cue. Linen wrap. 18.1 ounces, adjustable. Tip is 13 mm. One very small nick in shaft and 1 tiny bump/blemish in the linen. From what I can tell this is a 2009 M91S Genesis Pearl model. $175 shipped CONUS...
  15. sixwillwin

    Nice Craigslist find today

    Searching my local CL this morning and saw an ad in the Barter section. It had listed 2 Pool cues with case, he was looking for any type of outdoor equipment for the trade. I offered a couple things to him and he was interested in an old mountain bike I had. It was 15 years old and basically...
  16. sixwillwin

    New Schmelke

    Played with it about a week now. I like it. Looks great and while I am not sure if it "hits a ton" or even if it has good "feedback" or I don't even know if it hits "soft or hard", I do Know that I make a lot balls with it. Ordered it with a few options, I didn't want to spend much since I was...
  17. sixwillwin

    2 Brunswick Centennial cues If interested, message me and I can end auction early .
  18. sixwillwin

    Dale Perry eBay??

    What is up with Dale Perry cues for sale on eBay for $99 while it list a retail price of $1799.00??? $100 cue is a $100 cue, right? So what am I missing? Just simply marketing ploy or scam? Obviously you can't sell a 1799$ cue for $99 and make money.
  19. sixwillwin

    Simonis X1 cleaner plus new chalk
  20. sixwillwin

    Simonis X1 cleaner

    I just bought it 2 weeks ago for $90 and used it only 2 times. Wife is mad. Selling for $75 shipped to lower 48 states for free. PayPal only.