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    Who won each event?
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    WTB Predator Black collar for 3/8 10 pin

    WTB Predator with Black collar for 3/8 10 pin I would like to buy a Predator 314 or 314-2 Shaft , in good condition, with a black collar for a 3/8 10 pin. Please let me know what you have. Thanks
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    F/S Limited Edition Predator P2 LE-1 w/h Z2

    F/S Limited Edition Predator P2 LE New pics and price P2 Limited edition Predator (#13 of 50),Burnt Sienna color with cream colored joint and butt cap, Z2 shaft. Nice cue and great player. Seven months old. Retail $1214 Paid $975...
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    US Selections for the 9 ball World Championship

    I was wondering why Danny Harriman was not picked as one of the representatives for the USA. I think you could make a good case that his record over the past year has been better then some of those who have selected. What do you think? Does Danny deserve to be invited?