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  1. Jeeves

    Wanted Tasc Player

    check with scot sherbine at proficient billiard cue repair I think he listed one recently
  2. Jeeves


    300.00 plus shipping insurance(50) Paypal No friends and family. purchase in 1992 so 40 years of battle scars still looks pretty good.
  3. Jeeves

    WTB Dieckman 3 cushion cue ($10,000)

    look for jamison neu on face book he has all of Dennis's cues
  4. Jeeves


    20th anniversary cue $4500.00
  5. Jeeves

    A couple cues and many thanks

    Thanks to my many friends within the industry. Your friendship is greatly appreciated thanks. Jeeves
  6. Jeeves

    Club Med 8 & 9ball Tournaments begins October 12, 2012

    Thanks for looking below is information.
  7. Jeeves

    Some collectible & some others all at reduced prices

    Just thought I would pass along the link Brunswicks and others
  8. Jeeves

    for all you college basketball fans

    97.5 FM - ESPN Radio they normally have a lot of talk about philadelphia sports all day. But their advertisements have been saying they will cover all games. For those of you at the Super Billliards Expo. Jeeves
  9. Jeeves


    Is Hal Houle still around in Cherryville, PA. I have not seen him on here at all lately. I really enjoyed the time I spent with him 2 years ago. I would love to spend some more time. thanks
  10. Jeeves

    Chris Bryne Injured

    I apolgize if this is a double post limited search capabilities on dial up internet. I spoke with Chris this evening for about a minute. On Wednesday, he suffered a Epoxy burn to his eye, it basically means that the outer layer/s of his eyeball were burned. He has been seeing a eye specialist...
  11. Jeeves

    Congrats to The Meuller Family for the new addition coming in June 2010

    Dannielle Mueller Oestreich Would like everyone to know that Baby O is a BOY!!!!! John jumped out of his chair and yelled YES! He is healthy and right on target for a June 14th delivery.(please a little early ;-)) Tucker Dean Oestreich. :cool:
  12. Jeeves

    There should be a sub section for the Super Billiards Expo

    But in the mean time here is some information I was thinking it is time to start a section of this forum to highlight this the biggest East Coast event. Heck the "Miz" section has been there for years Professional Events...
  13. Jeeves

    Grizzly Outlet Online Store

    Grizzley Outlet Store Just thought I would pass along a nice link. to a great Pennsylvania Business
  14. Jeeves

    Shannon & Marge Congradulations

    He finally knelt down to do the good thing.
  15. Jeeves

    General Thoughts of the non-phenolic tip rules

    Was wondering how this has affected the game and tournaments within our industry. Both the World Standarized rules and the BCA have adopted this a rule. The phenolic tip made it nice for beginning players to break and jump without the skill it takes with a regular tip and it was also a large...
  16. Jeeves

    Aramith Tournament Balls????

    what is the response from the players who played at the predator 10 ball event with the new Aramith Tournament Balls? It seems a good idea but they are pricey and no measles ball come with the set, which seemed to be a standard thing at the tournaments and other event held recently.
  17. Jeeves

    Seminole Pro Tour Billiard Event

    update available thru a Cartoon narrator available at Something fun and new but maybe a little less cleavage next time.:thumbup:
  18. Jeeves

    Did not see this listed, but it may be allen always put a good event on. Jeeves
  19. Jeeves

    Amateur and Amateur-Advanced Players Only "No Pro’s Allowed"

    3,000 1st place Amateur Event $5,000.00 Added / $3,000 GUARANTEED 1st Place Mr. Cues II 3541 Chamblee Tucker Rd Atlanta, GA (770) 454-7665 Amateur and Amateur-Advanced Players Only "No Pro’s Allowed" All Players Must Qualify To Play In The Main Event Qualifier Dates = June 8th - 12th Main...