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    Advice on a Table.

    I finally have a spot for a table in my house. I cannot fit a 9 footer comfortably in the room being allocated, so I am looking for an 8 footer. If it was completely up to me, I'd probably just bite the bullet and get a new 7 foot Diamond, but I have a MAJOR problem...My wife does not like the...
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    Carom Cafe

    I was in New York last week and had the chance to visit the Carom Cafe. It was awesome. SO nice to be in a pool hall with a BUNCH of 3 cushion tables. My pool hall lost it's 1 and only 3 cushion table. I still shed tears over that... Anyway, if you are ever in the area of Queens...checkout...
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    Joint identification

    Hello All, What is the best way to find out what type of joint I have? I am in the market for a new shaft...and this cue is new to me. (As is getting a new shaft...I've always rolled with what it came with...) Pics if it helps:
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    Temporary corners for the pockets...

    A sad day...My billiard table at the home hall is being lost. They have a snooker table that they plan to get temporary corners for, and that will be the billiard table moving forward. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of setup? Is it playable? Obviously I do not think it will...
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    Does Billiards "hurt" your pool game?

    I play in a hall where there is little interest in the 3 cushion table. I am able to convince a few great pool players to play once in a blue moon, but do not have luck with many of the others. I hear them claim that it hurts the pool game...I don't get it... I love billiards. It's probably...
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    Adding Heating to a Billiard

    Hello All, Apologies if this has been covered before. Does anyone have experience adding a heating system to a non heated Billiard Table? Is it effective to do, or not worth it? Ideas on cost? A good table guy\woodworker able to easily pull this off, or need special experience? I believe...
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    Case that can hold a 3-cushion butt and more

    Hello, My current case is a fairly run of the mill 3X6. Unfortunately, my 3 cushion cue is too fat to fit into this case. I am in the market for a case that will hold: fat 3 cushion butt +shaft player +shaft break cue I have seen folks with cases that zip open and split in half. They have...
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    Any halls near downtown that are a must hit with a billiard table? My hometown hall rarely has anyone that plays on the billiard table. I would love to hit a place in this big city that has billiard players around. Dreaming?
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    I am in Chicago for the week, and was wondering if anyone had recommendations on rooms to hit. I am a long way from home. Are there classics that must be checked out when in town? Preferrably close to downtown...but open to wherever.
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    Joint protectors for wood joints.

    Hello All, Are all wood joints the same? Where is a good place to get joint protectors? I recently was given a billiard cue, and have no clue what type of cue it is. Hoping they are all the same, and I can be directed to a good place to pick one up. Thanks in advance for your advice.
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    Youtube Videos

    I enjoy watching videos where there is commentary or discussion of shots. What are some of your favorites? I'll get it started: (Some impressive shots, Not sure I can execute many, but love seeing a different perspective on less than ideals...
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    Three cushion league ideas.

    Hello All, Do any of you run a three cushion league? I am thinking of starting one to draw in new comers into the game. Obviously it will need to be handicapped (Which I also need to figure out). Thanks in advance for suggestions.
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    Must have books

    Hello all, A little background first. I used to play three cushion a fair amount. I was never good, but loved the game. My high run was 6. I play mostly by feel. The only "system" I used was a system to get to the corners. (I think it is called corner five??? It has been a while). I...
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    Budget Cue

    Hello All, Apologies in advance if this is far from new...I also see much discussion on high end custom cues. Although I have always been a fan of spending far too much on nearly every big purchase, I am not going that route with the cue... I am getting back into pool, and am sick of the...