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  1. Pete Campbell

    Tulipwood current pricing?

    **SOLD*** I am looking for advise on pricing for Tulipwood. I have some stock and see that it has become very scarce and expensive. This is what I have.
  2. Pete Campbell

    19 Cue Prongs in progress for sale.

    *** SOLD**** Continuing Closing shop stock sale. 19 Cue Prongs in progress for sale. See below for picture and info. If you need inlay, handle and or butt stock just let me know in a PM and I will see what I have. $200 including shipping in USA only Accepting Paypal payment. 2 - 4 point...
  3. Pete Campbell

    Snakewood 1/2 log 8.2 lbs. for sale

    Updated 2021/06/18 Snakewood 1/2 log 8.2 lbs Approx 12" x 5" x 3.375" Note crack in picture. $225 $195 includes shipping in US
  4. Pete Campbell

    3 - 4 prong Becote prongs with handle and Becote butt wood for sale

    ****SOLD**** For sale posted 2021-05-19 $200 includes shipping. PayPal only Stock for 3 Becote Cues 2 - 4 prong Becote in birds eye maple prongs 1 - 4 prong Becote in Curly maple prongs 3 - 1.375" x 18" Maple handle stock 3 - 3 x 1.5" Becote rounds for butts Pictures below. Multiple...
  5. Pete Campbell

    4 - 4 prong ebony in birds eye maple prongs with handle and ebony butt wood for sale

    **** SOLD**** For sale posted 2021-04-29 $250 includes shipping. PayPal only 4 - 4 ebony points in BE 4 - 1-3/8" x 18" Maple handle stock 1 - 13" x1.5 x 1.5 Ebony wood for butt sections Pete Campbell
  6. Pete Campbell

    Cue Making parts for sale

    New England area! 2 - 16" 5' bed South Bend 3ph lathes 3ph converter w 5hp motor to run in home Diamond Wheel grinder misc tips and tooling Exotic wood (already stabilized)
  7. Pete Campbell

    Billiard Room Management Software offer

    Petepool Billiard Room Management Software (best run on WindowsXP) Many years of faithful service to over 30 rooms since 1990! I am now offering a 10 table version of my software for $50.00 and a 16 table version for $100.00 I can email the software to you and you get an owners password and...
  8. Pete Campbell

    Meucci "Star of David" cue in unused condition!

    I have a DH-3 Meucci "Star Of David" cue (18.9oz)that I am interested in selling. It is in new condition and straight. I have had it in my collection. It has one 13.1mm shaft. I was given an estimate from Meucci of $700-800 and that it was made in the 1980's. Here are a few pics. I have a...