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  1. Kris_b1104

    Predator Z3 shaft

    According to Predator's website, it said that the Z3 is actually 0.10mm thicker than the Z2. So: Z2 is 11.75mm and Z3 is 11.85mm. Not really sure how much difference that will make in the grand scheme of things.
  2. Kris_b1104

    Predator Z3 shaft

    I don't see where I said that. 314-2 and 314-3 are both 12.75mm tip diameter. Z2 and Z3 are both 11.75mm.
  3. Kris_b1104

    Greatest Left Handed Players Ever?

    I am also left handed and right eye dominant in pool.
  4. Kris_b1104

    Predator Z3 shaft

    You have some interesting points. I just can't see myself going back to a carbon fiber shaft after owning a Revo and selling it after a couple months. I broke even so I'm not even mad, it held it's value. I just like the traditional hit and feel of a wooden shaft. Does anyone at the top...
  5. Kris_b1104

    Greatest Left Handed Players Ever?

    This thread should've been closed after someone mentioned Joshua Filler.
  6. Kris_b1104

    Predator Z3 shaft

    $240 sounds like a steal right about now!
  7. Kris_b1104

    Sold Predator Z3 Shaft - Uniloc

    I'll take it if it's still available.
  8. Kris_b1104

    Predator Z3 shaft

    I had a Revo and played with it for a few months and sold it, didn't really like the feel of the carbon fiber, I much prefer a wooden shaft. I've been playing with a 314-2 for about 8-9 years now. Just looking to go to a smaller diamater shaft like the Z3 preferably. It's just way too...
  9. Kris_b1104

    Predator Z3 shaft

    A man of culture I see.
  10. Kris_b1104

    Predator Z3 shaft

    I don't know what the price was pre-covid but $339 is insane!!! They were released 7 years ago...
  11. Kris_b1104

    Predator Z3 shaft

    The For Sale forum section seems to have nothing, I was wondering if anyone had a uniloc Z3 shaft that they're willing to let go of? Please PM me.
  12. Kris_b1104

    Predator Z3 quick release

    I Is this still available?
  13. Kris_b1104

    WTB: Predator Z3 Uniloc shaft

    Is anyone selling a Predator Z3 Uniloc shaft? Thanks.
  14. Kris_b1104

    Sold Predator P3 Black

    Would you consider selling the Z3 shaft by itself?
  15. Kris_b1104

    Alex Brick Jump Break cue crossthreaded (help)

    Hey guys, I have an Alex Brick jump/break cue and the shaft connects perfectly when screwing in, however, the back part of the cue does not screw in at all anymore. I'm guessing it has crossthreaded. I'm talking about the back part of the cue that separates to turn it into a jump cue, or...
  16. Kris_b1104

    Besides 2013, was there ever a year that the Mosconi Cup didn't reach day 4?

    Going to Vegas this year to watch the Mosconi Cup, but only bought tickets to Day 4 due to work and vacation day conflicts, and I'm skeptical about it even going to a day 4. How are our chances looking?!?!!
  17. Kris_b1104

    Is Simmering Chin better than Skylard while Earl is at Mosconi Cup due to Zuglan?

    Hey guys I was wondering if the Fargo Rate would help decide if Earl should Siming Chen Mr. Woodward at the Turning Stone because it might be a shady rip-off of director for tournament. Also, does everyone use a jump cue? I thought it was just me.
  18. Kris_b1104

    Brand New Predator 314-3 Shaft

  19. Kris_b1104

    WTB Predator REVO Shaft 12.4 Uniloc

    Found one.