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    Wanted: Dave Tice cue to replace one that was stolen

    Anyone know where I can find a Tice for sale? I had one stolen years ago, and never thought I would get back to playing, but here I am again at the Just trying to find where to look, as my normally impressive google-fu is failing me this time. :(
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    Looking for a Dave Tice cue replace the one that was stolen a few years ago. Just wondering if anyone has one that would be interested in selling it.
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    Looking for an article I once read....

    ....I read a cool piece in a magazine online, I think it was possibly either Salon or Esquire, where the writer was out of work for a while and decided to attend a billiard school. I think it was Jerry Briesath's school.... He was a low level B player at best, and the article was about his...